Wagyu & Wine at the Capital Grille

A few weeks ago we descended upon the Capital Grille like two children in tuxedo jackets and stock market shorts and polo shirts taking aim on the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit and ordered a gazillion calories’ worth of food for the sake of science, market research, and to drum up social curiosity about the new and amazing promotion out there, Wagyu & Wine, running until the 22nd. There were burgers, oh, the glorious burgers. But first, let’s order some cocktails on an iPad and talk about the omnipresent table mini-lamp that all restaurants should adopt into their optimal food photo structure. Get ready for some mad mac gifs, baby.20151016_195509-ANIMATION
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Asian Wine Dinner at the Madison Beach Hotel, Madison, CT

A week ago, we went to a specialty dinner hosted by the Madison Beach Hotel, close to where I grew up. I spent a lot of time in Madison as a child, as we had many family friends who lived there, and went to a synagogue close to the center of town. It’s home to my favorite cinema and bookstore, as well as some excellent restaurants. I’d even been to the old hotel on the wharf for a few parties, but hadn’t yet had the chance to see the new property.

The hotel hosts multiple dinners a month, often centered around a specific theme or hosted by a brand. We were here for an Asian wine dinner, featuring the wines of Chateau St. Michelle. We started the evening off with a glass of 2012 Eroica and a few appetizers in the lounge. Our favorite noshes were the spicy salmon handroll, packed with more smoked lox than rice, and the baby banh mi sandwiches.DSC_7529 Continue reading “Asian Wine Dinner at the Madison Beach Hotel, Madison, CT”

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

We’ve been known to take a sincere pleasure in driving, despite the untimely fact that the sun has been setting at 4PM around these parts. Still, there’s no denying the smooth rush of bounding over hills and careening around corners to places unknown. We took one of those drives on Sunday night, in the dark, as we headed to Newport for dinner at the Castle Hill Inn, on Ocean Avenue. I was a bit saddened that we were whizzing past the forest and buildings in such a blur, noting how much we’d enjoyed the drive on the way to the festival this summer. That faded away as soon as we approached the magnificent estate, breathtaking alongside the coast. The glory of the inn at daytime was easily matched by it in the night, and we walked indoors, pausing for a moment to take in the saline scent of the ocean beyond us.DSC_6713

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