Rhythm Superfoods Mango Habanero Kale Chips

Either I’m an idiot, or the kale industrial complex is pulling the veiny, tough greens over your eyes. And let me tell you, I nearly skirted the median this semester, so I’m pretty sure Big Kale is out to get you. My point is, I fought the slaw and the slaw won. Kale is no joke. Even when liberally smothered in my most favorite disguise of flavors, its natural, vegetal haunt shines through, like an unwashed natural body odor on an otherwise attractive frame.IMG_20160129_235721449 Continue reading “Rhythm Superfoods Mango Habanero Kale Chips”

Blue Hill Butternut Squash Yogurt

Weird and impeccably packaged. The perfect mix, and at the moment, I’ve enough hubris to claim that the same applies to my own character. This obviously means that my spirit edible is butternut squash yogurt. I found this in Whole Foods, nestled in between kefir and vegan cheese so far removed from the real thing that it was closer to a Carrot Top comedy set than Camembert. The cashiers extolled it, and I sneered inwardly. Impeccable packaging. Twee as all hell. Let’s crack it open.DSC_8686 Continue reading “Blue Hill Butternut Squash Yogurt”