Polar Butter Rum Seltzer

It has come to my attention that, due to my cryogenic freezing on the other side of the planet, everything I’m now seeing on shelves at my local big-box stores is actually a rehashing of last year’s limited-edition goods. For starters, damn it, France. And also, damn it, companies, when did you just give the hell up? Great, I get to sip on last year’s butter rum seltzer. Maybe I’ll take out my Zune and play the Mariah Carey holiday album in my Snuggie and eat Air Crisps while we’re being retroactive, too. I shouldn’t have to spend my grant money on turkey-flavored ice cream. Where’s the turkey-flavored seltzer for the masses? Pumpkin pie? Christmas cookies? Latkes?DSC_6705 Continue reading “Polar Butter Rum Seltzer”