Toast Day (Rocket Science and the 2nd Street Bakery)

Today was a toast day. I haven’t baked bread in a long time, but I also haven’t been up to the Bedfellow’s house, either, so I decided to kill two birds with one lazy stone and go up to Western Massachusetts and get some bread from a bakery in the area for breakfast. We were lucky enough to snag one of their last daily loaves before they closed and ran out and we celebrated in proper weekend style with Wilco on the record player, cold brew with coffee ice cubes, and an array of jams, syrups, and toppings for our toast.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Continue reading “Toast Day (Rocket Science and the 2nd Street Bakery)”

Goodbye to all that // Foodette Turns 6.

“About this business of being a gentleman: I paid so heavily for the fourteen years of my gentleman’s education that I feel entitled, now and then, to get some sort of return.”

I don’t remember when I stopped caring, but I remember exactly where I was when I started to rationalize it. It was October of my senior year of college- I was walking to work and realized I had posts due. One of them was here, one was on my new website, Nobly Rotten, and suddenly I realized that not only did I have a great deal of writing to do, I had to drink a bottle of wine. My relationship with drinking has always been a kind one– wine knowledge started early and became something I could share with my father, gin was always convivial and kept me bright and the rest, fine to keep around for company. Screenshot 2015-04-16 at 9.12.51 AMSo drinking to write and writing to drink felt natural, and I started the website. It was a process- a difficult client relationship with a web developer, starting SEO from scratch, and accessing an entirely new client base that I so badly wanted to enmesh myself with. I don’t know if I wanted another blog so much as that I wanted friends. Continue reading “Goodbye to all that // Foodette Turns 6.”

I ate a $1,000 sundae; I do not have to be good.

When I am feeling depressed, which is, as my therapist tells me, an entirely normal thing despite it happening more often than I’d prefer, I remind myself that I ate a $1,000 sundae. I ate it while smiling at screaming children, a verb, adjective, and noun pairing that comes only once in a blue moon, when I’m sending thoughts their way to the tune of, “This costs more than a week at your boarding school, this costs more than your vacation, I am putting it in my mouth. I will shit gold.” It’s a bit of a clunky mantra but man, it works.g2 Continue reading “I ate a $1,000 sundae; I do not have to be good.”

The Generous Pour at the Capital Grille, New York, NY

A few weeks ago, The Bedfellow and I went to the Capital Grille in Times Square for an evening of wine, steak, and complaining after an insane job conference. This was my third time sampling the Generous Pour, and we had an excellent evening. The Times Square location, one of three in the city, is sprawling and cavernous, with numerous alcove-like dining areas throughout the restaurant and staircases leading to private dining rooms. The acoustics were terrible and it was difficult to have a conversation without shouting across the two-top, and halfway through dinner the lights went slowly dim and then bright again like a geriatric light show for about a half hour, making for a weirdly disconcerting dining experience.DSC_9374-2 Continue reading “The Generous Pour at the Capital Grille, New York, NY”

Road Trip III: Asheville to Hartford

Asheville, too little, too late. I could have spared myself the agony of returning to Hartford and the inevitable persistence of adult responsibilities, numerous rejections from law firms, and my parents, and just stayed there forever, working as a potter or a community organizer or something with a vague title and a paycheck. But here I am, and here is Asheville. wpid-img_20140818_114343.jpg Continue reading “Road Trip III: Asheville to Hartford”

Road Trip II: Atlanta to Asheville

Atlanta is a clever city- a combination of hilly Seattle and the funkier parts of Brooklyn. I stayed right in the center of downtown and meant to try some Southern delicacies, but was so impressed with the cocktails that I decided to do a little bar-hopping instead.wpid-img_20140816_220250.jpg Continue reading “Road Trip II: Atlanta to Asheville”

Road Trip I: Rogers to Atlanta

Yesterday’s drive was more painful than today’s. I ended up in Alabama, leaving Arkansas at 4:35AM without looking back. I stopped at a gas station just past the Tennessee border and was rewarded with a peach after pumping. I asked for the prettiest one and the cashier said, “Ain’t no peach in there prettier than you, miss.” I was wearing a patched denim vest, a beater, and rolled up khakis. Compliments are better than hugs.wpid-wp-1408230022097.jpeg Continue reading “Road Trip I: Rogers to Atlanta”

10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 3

I’m reluctantly counting down the days- how did this month, much less this summer, go by so damned quickly? I leave Friday at 8AM, and the next time you hear me run my mouth, it’ll be from Birmingham, Alabama. Holy cow. Without further ado, my last top ten from Arkansas. You run deep in me.wpid-img_20140726_124020.jpg Continue reading “10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 3”

The Seven Best Desserts in Las Vegas

True story, I love dessert. I don’t like sweet things, but I love dessert. And I went batshit in Las Vegas, going on an epic dessert tour before my actual dinners, culminating in a humiliating bout of tears into my Chilean seabass and gin and tearing up all the sugar on and off the Strip. Still, totally worth it. Note that some of these were comped, thanks to the magic and goodwill of Twitter, and some of these were paid for. Each is designated below.DSC_9238-2 Continue reading “The Seven Best Desserts in Las Vegas”

Drink the Garden at the Peel Mansion, Bentonville, AR

On a sunny Saturday, I beat the sweltering heat and depressing traffic to make my way to the historic Peel Mansion in Bentonville, to attend the first annual Drink the Garden event, which benefits renovation to the mansion and its grounds. Despite being bracketed by a Panda Garden and a Walmart, the mansion is beautiful, a piece of serenity on a busy road, featuring meticulously maintained grounds, a garden, and a house erected in 1875 by Colonel Samuel West Peel, the first native Arkansan elected to the US Congress and an apple aficionado. The trees and plants are still there, and today’s event featured four mixologists using herbs from the garden to create clever cocktails for attendees to vote on as we perused the grounds.DSC_8888-2 Continue reading “Drink the Garden at the Peel Mansion, Bentonville, AR”