15 in 30: Top Eats in Pittsburgh, Month 2

wpid-img_20150727_110023353_hdr.jpgWelp, I’m home. Hartford hasn’t changed a bit, but there’s something to be said about being alone and in a real bed again. I’d like to thank Intex and Xanax for keeping me sane and asleep this summer. You’re the real heroes! And without further ado, the last fifteen favorites on the last leg of my summer in Pittsburgh. Continue reading “15 in 30: Top Eats in Pittsburgh, Month 2”

10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 2

Another month, another set of delicious treats in Arkansas. This time, I branched out of the Bentonville/Fayetteville/Rogers area and explored beyond, to the Beaver and Wedington Lake areas and further. Many of these places were found while I was driving, as opposed to my last selection, which I’d heavily curated in advance. Half the fun was the discovery!wpid-img_20140714_120355.jpg Continue reading “10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 2”

Top 10 Eats in St. Louis, MO

Yep. Back to Missouri. Can’t let the beast win, right?wpid-img_20140711_220341.jpgA few weeks before we made the plan to go, I found a clue. A new lead, like letters underneath fingernails. I think hipsters stole my briefcase. This is entirely based on a piece of paper I found while going through my belongings after switching rooms, a paint sample wedged in between a few Kansas City bus passes that read, in lazy handwriting, “I hope I’m the pain in your poems.” Continue reading “Top 10 Eats in St. Louis, MO”

Ribs Eleven: Pig of the Month

DSC_9141-219:30 CT. It’s still light out. It had all the makings of a perfect evening. Six hours of Diners, Drive-I-, uh, six hours of Bob’s Burgers or Fassbinder queued up after a long day of work, a fresh haircut from my favorite barbershop, that I’d driven to on the scooter I’d temporarily traded my car for, and absolutely nothing planned. All it took was fifteen minutes for that dream to fade, and now my hotel room smells like meat and the ravenous scent of a champion. But let me start at the beginning. Continue reading “Ribs Eleven: Pig of the Month”

Road Trip II: Paris to Bentonville

I love my job. I never thought I’d say that or that I’d reach a point where I’d have a job, much less a job that I enjoy and look forward to. It’s a great internship- granted, I’ve only had a day so far but it was a marvelous, welcoming day full of power suits, assignments, witty coworkers, and a rockin’ jam to Steely Dan in the car. Hell yes. You’re looking at the official Walmart/Sam’s Club risk management, antitrust, marketing, and merchandising legal intern, complete with a window cubicle. And they love Foodette!wpid-img_20140514_110553.jpgSo, what have I been up to? Aside from fretting over shirt and shoe pairings and getting my first projects for the summer, I’ve been swimming and relaxing and adventuring over the last few days. Continue reading “Road Trip II: Paris to Bentonville”

White Castle Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

I have arrived at the dubious conclusion that I might be okay. Yeah. It sounds pretty true when I say it out loud to myself in a coffee shop. I’m the guy wearing sunglasses indoors and scowling, come say hello! I used to joke with my friends that, like a pre-Abed, my understanding of emotional processing came from watching feature-length films, it took me three hours or less to work my way through feeling poorly, or having trouble, or getting screwed over.

In this case, it might have worked. I’m feeling harder today. My car is getting repaired and I’m approaching the realization every sentient asshole figures out sooner or later: nothing is forever and people who are smarter and have 100% more bricks than you do will take your things if they feel like it. Fine. I sang Jim Croce’s version of ‘Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’ to myself three times and now I’m over it.wpid-wp-1400255396974.jpeg Continue reading “White Castle Chicken & Waffle Sandwich”

Road Trip: Hartford to Paris

The road trip has begun! In three days, I’ve driven from Hartford, CT, to Hershey, PA, to Oberlin, OH, and now, I’m sitting in a motor lodge in Paris, IL, which I insisted upon solely due to the sheer weird nostalgia of being in Paris in another country. Turns out it’s basically the same as any other small town, but I’m consoling myself with a very impassioned religious channel and a plastic cup of gin with leftover dry ice from the Jeni’s I carted from Columbus this afternoon. I call it the G-N, the negative gin and tonic. It’s special in only the way that a motel cocktail can be.wpid-wp-1400024652485.jpeg Continue reading “Road Trip: Hartford to Paris”

Chopped Pork with a Spicy Honey Nectarine Slaw

Summer is coming! Spring is here! I can wear shorts without feeling the need to amputate both of my legs! I mean, it’s not like it snowed on Monday and my car got stuck in the driveway or anything. Connecticut, you whack. With the lovely weather, I’m cooking up a storm and procrastinating on the gym when it ought to be the other way around. I recently started to desire eating meat again, so I roasted a pork butt and chopped it up for this spectacular sandwich.
DSC_8543 Continue reading “Chopped Pork with a Spicy Honey Nectarine Slaw”

Hearty Kitchen, West Hartford, CT

Connecticut is great– we have beaches, a tasteful selection of outerwear and haircuts, and our babies are born with a keen sense of interior design and frigid sarcasm. But our fried food is self-sacrificially uninteresting. So when Hearty Kitchen entered the Hartford scene last month, I was really looking forward to trying their fare. The menu featured simple things- fried chicken as the main protein, paired with waffles or biscuits, all available gluten-free. Unfortunately, Nutmeggers are going to have to keep looking. Hearty Kitchen succeeds as a takeout operation and fails as a restaurant.wpid-IMAG1210-1.jpg Continue reading “Hearty Kitchen, West Hartford, CT”