Razorback Rolls

You know I’m not a sports fan. Thank goodness my bosses know I’m not a sports fan, either, but they’re kind to me all the same. That being said, I’m a little bummed that I can’t stay through September, if only to see a Razorbacks game for the sheer cultural experience of being near 50,000 people who are really, really into football. Everyone around here has some sort of Razorback paraphernalia- on their car, or on a lanyard, or a shirt. Even Huskies fans aren’t that excited about our mascot, though that could be due to the fact that he was newly designed as a rabid husky. To immerse myself a little further, I made Razorback Rolls using the Lékué rice cooker. The company sent over a sample last week and I was as pumped as a sports fan whose favorite sport has sported in the last sport of the sport season and won the sport. Yay, new cooking equipment!DSC_8858 Continue reading “Razorback Rolls”