Tea-Rrific! Limited Batch Ice Cream Brown Butter Sticky Toffee

The first review of the new year isn’t always promising. And yes, it starts with a cheat. I’ve had a bag of kale chips, coconut chips, and three different flavors of whey sitting on my counter for a week now but decided to go for the kill and suffered greatly for it.IMG_20160107_223158754Mediocrity comes at a cost. Roughly $12, to be precise. Continue reading “Tea-Rrific! Limited Batch Ice Cream Brown Butter Sticky Toffee”

I ate a $1,000 sundae; I do not have to be good.

When I am feeling depressed, which is, as my therapist tells me, an entirely normal thing despite it happening more often than I’d prefer, I remind myself that I ate a $1,000 sundae. I ate it while smiling at screaming children, a verb, adjective, and noun pairing that comes only once in a blue moon, when I’m sending thoughts their way to the tune of, “This costs more than a week at your boarding school, this costs more than your vacation, I am putting it in my mouth. I will shit gold.” It’s a bit of a clunky mantra but man, it works.g2 Continue reading “I ate a $1,000 sundae; I do not have to be good.”

The Seven Best Desserts in Las Vegas

True story, I love dessert. I don’t like sweet things, but I love dessert. And I went batshit in Las Vegas, going on an epic dessert tour before my actual dinners, culminating in a humiliating bout of tears into my Chilean seabass and gin and tearing up all the sugar on and off the Strip. Still, totally worth it. Note that some of these were comped, thanks to the magic and goodwill of Twitter, and some of these were paid for. Each is designated below.DSC_9238-2 Continue reading “The Seven Best Desserts in Las Vegas”

Ben and Jerry’s Core Hazed and Confused Ice Cream

My bucket list is small, and admittedly, kind of dumb. I want to drive around aimlessly and listen to music, I want an auxiliary port in my car. I want to magically know when to end phone calls, and I wouldn’t mind having running water in my apartment more than three days a week. I also want to remember to bring my camera everywhere I go. wpid-IMAG1154.jpg Continue reading “Ben and Jerry’s Core Hazed and Confused Ice Cream”