Guest Post: Mana’eesh

Cousin Plate-O is back again, featuring a classic Jordanian breakfast with infinite possibilities stuffed inside- for more of his adventures, find him at In His Majesty’s Scholarly ServiceIMG_3840I should’ve known this already, but it turns out that the best part of hosting one’s family at one’s workplace is using them as an excuse to take a break from the normal eating routine. When most of your meals are of the school-dining-hall variety, as mine are, this opportunity takes on a particular significance, and it was with extreme gusto that I forewent my typical breakfast to indulge in a Jordanian specialty.

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Guest Post: Beit Sitti, Amman, Jordan

(Editor’s note: Cousin Plate-O is filling in for me today, reporting from his post in Jordan, where he’s working as a teaching fellow! Plate-O can be found at In His Majesty’s Scholarly Service.)

According to Wikipedia, nearly ten million tourists each year pay a visit to Jordan, the country I’ve called home for the past six months. Whether to soak up the sun in Aqaba or to sweat their way through rocky ravines to glimpse the monastery at Petra, they come in droves: picture-snapping, shoulder-satchel-slinging, zip-off-pants-sporting adventurers from around the globe. And as a resident, however recent, I can’t help but feel touched. Other locals, though, take advantage of their homeland’s particular attributes, and one in particular capitalizes on visitors’ hunger for more than just exotic sights. Beit Sitti, located in the pleasantly hilly Jabal al Weibdeh neighborhood of Amman, the capital city, aims to give its patrons a holistic experience of Jordanian food, and it was here that I found myself on a recent, sunny weekend.Ben photo 1 Continue reading “Guest Post: Beit Sitti, Amman, Jordan”