Celestial Lattes: The Godfather

If in 2009, college-aged humans feared a zombie epidemic, in 2015 the mongering has surely turned to the transformation of the basic bitch. And dear readers, with the final sunset dawning over my apartment-turned-Starbucks, I must inform you with deep regret that I, too, have merrily joined the ranks of Lush-purchasing, pumpkin spice-consuming, scarf-adorned basics, and for that, I cannot apologize because I now communicate exclusively in emoticons.IMG_20151106_203336040A very birthday cake winky face teapot smiling poop to all of you. Continue reading “Celestial Lattes: The Godfather”

Road Trip: Hartford to Pittsburgh

I am settled in Pittsburgh after a weekend of driving, eating, and blasting Queen along the highway. This wasn’t as involved of a drive as last year’s, but it was still plenty of fun, with many neat stops along the way. I spent the night in Williamsport, PA, about halfway between Hartford and Pittsburgh, and stopped in Milford and State College for a rest each day on the hunt for breweries, coffee, and dive bars.wpid-img_20150528_123244664_hdr.jpg Continue reading “Road Trip: Hartford to Pittsburgh”

The Top Five Coffees in Toronto, Canada

I’m a douche, but I’ll never be later than a month. Still a douche. It’s okay. I’m here. State of the union, I have a job and will be exploring and documenting Pittsburgh. Judging by my current poor track record, that will show up on your newsfeed sometime in October or possibly when I’m in my mid-forties, it’s hard to keep track at this point. I’ll try to keep up, you just keep on hangin’. This compilation of curated coffees was from March, when The Bedfellow and I drove to Toronto over spring break. Cool city, cooler coffee, and coffee cocktails to boot. Back to whey soon enough, but for now, check out our coffee picks here.wpid-img_20150305_170850009_hdr.jpg Continue reading “The Top Five Coffees in Toronto, Canada”

1000 Faces Suke Quto Coffee

I’m experiencing a strange, Twilight Zone-like state of mind where I want strange, unattainable things, like a job and the ability to self-motivate before 9AM. Oh, look at that. Sorry, before 12PM. This eating-writing-renovating-binge-Community-watching habit is very, very fun, but I’m just about ready to get back to my daily schedule of heavy textbook lifting. This semester’s winner is the 2013-2014 Federal Income Tax Codes and Regulations, clocking in at 15.2 lbs, or a total of $2,500 in non-deductible therapeutic massages over the course of three months. Wow!

Instead of working, or working out, or working in, or twerking, I’m applying to fellowships in sunny, snow-free places, and eating frozen Indian food in bed. Is break over yet? Thankfully, my house does have a new amenity that has been a blast to play with over break- a new coffee station! I’m in the midst of doing a basic, but life-saving kitchen renovation, the kind that doesn’t violate the lease but still allows me to remain sane without benzodiazepines. One of the aspects of this renovation involves a heightened focus on coffee, under the hopeful guise of being able to retain a semblance of consciousness during my 8AM moot court class. The Bedfellow contributed a grinder, and I went on the hunt for some killer coffee beans. One of the brands I found was 1000 Faces, and they sent over a few bags of beans for our groggy perusal.DSC_7328 Continue reading “1000 Faces Suke Quto Coffee”