Newman’s Own Organics Double Chocolate Mint Chip

I’m trudging through this package, and my family and friends are extremely happy to reap the leftovers of what I share.

This cookie was another version of the Champion Chip line of Newman’s Own Organics. They tasted like the Hint ‘O Mint Newman-O’s minus the cream. The mint flavor overpowered the chocolate and tasted dry. I thought it would have made the texture moist, but it didn’t do much.

The chocolate chips were plentiful. I strongly recommend these with a glass of milk. They were flavorful for mint lovers, but a little too much mint for regulars like myself.


Iceland Pure Spring Water

Couldn’t find a picture of this, so you’ll just have to make do.

This is good water. I never see the point of drinking different waters, aside from Voss, which is funny because I had a friend who used to throw Voss and Baby Voss water bottles at his theatre teacher’s head, but I digress. I don’t like paying lots of money for water bottled at other places when Poland Spring is fine.

This water was all right. It wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t gross with additives or yucky substances, it was just…water. I usually put little drink packets in mine anyway, so there’s no real problem with it.

The bottle is pretty. It looks like the Fiji bottles, with a waterfall scene that’s magnified by the water and small when the water is gone and the bottle is nice and tall.

4/10- OKAY

Walker’s BBQ Rib Crisps

Image Copyright British Grocery- I’ll add my own photos later, I need new batteries in my camera!

I received my order from BritGrocery yesterday, and I’m so excited!

I’m reviewing the Walker’s BBQ Rib today. I love reviewing unusual flavors of chips, so I was extremely excited to get these in for you guys!

First upon opening the bag, there’s not much aroma, but a predominant smell of spices wafts up.

Upon biting into one of these, the first thing you notice is the texture. Because I’m American, I’m used to our soft, slightly greasy chips, but these are, if anything, very much like our Baked! line of chips here. They are very, very crisp, make a lovely crunch in your mouth, and don’t leave behind much grease at all.

The taste is good, but I have to preface this by telling you that is it NOT BBQ RIB. It’s curry, completely, and on a more complex note, tastes exactly like Chicken Tikka Masala from my local Indian place. It left a slightly buttery aftertaste in my mouth, like Tikka Masala often does. Works for the meal, not for the chips.

These are good, but deceptive. I was expecting a more smoke-based flavor, maybe some barbecue sauce and a little bit more meat flavor that British crisps are so famous for, but this is decent. I wish they’d just been called Tikka Masala, though.

4/10- OKAY

eRev Obscene Energy Pack

Food and I went out late last night and bought these drinks at a 7-11 for a buck apiece. We were intrigued because they were marketed as obscene. I didn’t know how to feel about drinking an obscenely flavored beverage, but was nonetheless piqued.

We bought four flavors- original, sugar-free, grape, and orange.

We soon figured out why it was a buck apiece. The original tasted like boiled and liquified candy necklaces with bitter, bitter aftertastes to them. Food did not feel like a T-Rex as we thought he would after drinking the obscenely flavored drink.

Sugar-free was the same. Same bite, more chemicals.

Grape was the biggest personal disappointment for me, because I was almost one hundred percent sure that it would taste just like my favorite discontinued soda, Mountain Dew Pitch Black and PB II. It just tasted like gross Fanta with chemically tastes to it. Huge failure.

Orange was surprisingly good, tasted almost like tangerines, fresh taste to it. Still that energy drink taste, but it was almost perfectly masked by the fresh orange taste.

These were a dollar for a reason. I couldn’t see myself getting addicted to them like SoBe or Arizona juices, even though they were cheap and tasty. The aftertaste was too gross to get hooked onto.

4/10- GROSS

Starbursts Extravaganza: FaveRed Fruits Chews and Sour Gummibursts

These are funky. I found these two flavors for two for $1.69 apiece.

The sour gummies are heavily advertised, especially during the hours I watch TV, it seems. There are supposed to be four flavors in the bag, and it looks like I managed to bag all of them. In the package there are ten gummies, each about the size of a quarter.

They’re advertised with strawberry, watermelon, orange tangerine, and green apple. They’re a harder gummy, with a slightly pasty outer flavor. There’s a definite aftertaste in the green apple. The liquid is not very sour. My guest reviewer, The Food to my Foodette, and I have high tolerance to sour things, so we didn’t think these were really shocking.

The strawberry tastes just like a Twizzler…same sandy outer texture, same funky aftertaste, almost bitter, with a nice reddish color.

I was most excited to try the orange tangerine flavor, and was happy to discover that it did have a distinct orange taste, but there was something off about it, with a taste that I can only unfortunately liken to the exact flavor of ramen noodles and floor cleaner.

The watermelon was the standard for all watermelon flavored candies, tasted like artificial colors and flavoring. Not much of an aftertaste on this one, but very pasty. I decided that I didn’t like the texture of these after all.


I generally like Starbursts chews to their other little bastardizations, so I figured these would be good. It came with four flavors- strawberry, watermelon, fruit punch, and cherry. Felt like they didn’t come up with new flavors but took their leftover one-hit wonders with some of their standards and came up with the crappiest of candy mix tapes.

The Food thought the strawberry didn’t taste like strawberry. Neither did I. It tasted less like strawberry and more like a differently packaged watermelon-flavored burst.

The cherry was the standard cherry Starburst, which I really like, because it’s got that creamy taste to it that’s not sour, but takes the acidic edge off the flavor. Same color, reddish cream.

Food didn’t like the fruit punch. It tasted really chemically, like drinking a sweet flavor of bug spray. It had acidic moments which really grossed me out. Not a fan.

Watermelon, Food and I agreed, tasted like watermelon in candy form. The standard. It was creamy, like drinking a watermelon drink. I like that the Starbursts maintain that creamy taste to them. It’s tasty.

5/10- EH.

Herr’s Barbecue Corn Chips

Image courtesy of Herr’s website

These were interesting. I bought them while walking home from a doctor’s appointment and was determined to find new chips.

I hadn’t tried them before, and they seemed like a decent value at 99 cents, so I picked them up and carried them home.

On my way, I was thinking about them. The best corn chip is relatively flat, thick, and salty, with lots of seasoning. Herr’s like, legitimately delivers spices, with their hot chips and salt and pepper, they’re normally really great. But these chips were weak. The texture was like eating uncooked noodles or Fritos Twists, and the salt was…eh. On my fingers, it was less of a barbecue seasoning than just a flavored salt.

My verdict? Go with Fritos barbecue if you crave flavored corn chips.