Scrumpdillyumptious Treats

I got a few tasty selections from Scrumpdillyumptious, a one woman show run by Jen, of Brookhaven, MS. She sent me two of her classics- white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and red velvet sandwich cookies.

As you all know, I am a sucker for anything red velvet. But with that suckmanship, I am also a highly tuned critique to what I like and do not like in a red velvet confection. Chocolate and food coloring does not a red velvet make.

These cookies were smaller than I expected, but made up for their size in richness. I ate two of them and was then inexplicably full! They’re actually nothing like what I expected at all, which was good! I figured they’d be some sort of a muffin-top like cookie with the frosting in between, but the cookie was denser, like a brownie, and the frosting was not as wet as I would have thought. The taste was phenomenal. I shared them with my friend, Doctor Love, and she went nuts.

I had no real complaints for these, aside from the frosting consistency, but they were really delicious! If I’d had more, I would have eaten them all up.

7/10- LOVELY

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookies made the perfect traveling companions for my dad and I. We went to a Weezer concert and brought them with us to avoid massive stadium food prices. They were a nice snack, crunchy and fun to eat on the way. There was a nice scent of vanilla in the cookie, and there was an even amount of white chocolate chunks and nuts all over.

One thing I really liked about these is that there weren’t whole nuts in the cookies, but rather, broken up bits, and I think they might have been toasted, too. It added to the overall consistency of the texture, instead of breaking my teeth on the nuts, I got to enjoy the flavor and the “crunch” without worrying about my dental bills.

7/10- GOOD!


Renots’ Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

I’m getting more exciting packages by the day, you know.

I might be getting fatter.

Eating these cookies reminds me of a mass murder of something cute, chubby, and cuddly. All three things happen to be in these cookies. There’s the cuteness. They’re tiny, little things, like small children. There’s the chub. They’re about an inch high, but no more than an inch in diameter. And they’re cuddly. They break apart as soon as your teeth his the sides. It’s the closest one could get to eating raw cookie dough in a cookie.

And here’s where things got a little…freaky. I got the package, sniffed it. Opened it up. Yes, I sniffed it before I opened it. I ate a cookie. And halfway downstairs to go back on the computer, I realized that these might be the most amazing little cookies I’ve ever had. They were close to the alfajors, that’s how good they were. They have a graininess from the peanut butter that makes the texture sandy and rich, and the chocolate chips are amply studded throughout, making an smooth, slick treat to bite into.

It’s about seventeen stairs and a foyer landing downstairs until I get to my room, plus a few steps. I got there and by the time Yahoo! Mail loaded, the cookies were gone.

Please send more, Renots. If you love me. Jesus, those were good.