10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 1

Welcome to a new feature on Foodette- eating for one drastically restricts the menu items I can taste or try, and in the interest of trying as many places and new culinary discoveries as possible, I’ve decided to compile the top ten things I’ve eaten in the last 30 days, both to demarcate the time I’ve spent here (I’ve been an Arkansawyer for a whole month!) and give a taste, so to speak, of some of the exceptional food around here. Without further ado, here’s May 18 to June 19– a miraculous, strange, beautiful month in no particular order.wpid-img_20140613_171420.jpg Continue reading “10 in 30: Top Eats in Arkansas, Month 1”

White Castle Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

I have arrived at the dubious conclusion that I might be okay. Yeah. It sounds pretty true when I say it out loud to myself in a coffee shop. I’m the guy wearing sunglasses indoors and scowling, come say hello! I used to joke with my friends that, like a pre-Abed, my understanding of emotional processing came from watching feature-length films, it took me three hours or less to work my way through feeling poorly, or having trouble, or getting screwed over.

In this case, it might have worked. I’m feeling harder today. My car is getting repaired and I’m approaching the realization every sentient asshole figures out sooner or later: nothing is forever and people who are smarter and have 100% more bricks than you do will take your things if they feel like it. Fine. I sang Jim Croce’s version of ‘Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’ to myself three times and now I’m over it.wpid-wp-1400255396974.jpeg Continue reading “White Castle Chicken & Waffle Sandwich”

Blue Hill Butternut Squash Yogurt

Weird and impeccably packaged. The perfect mix, and at the moment, I’ve enough hubris to claim that the same applies to my own character. This obviously means that my spirit edible is butternut squash yogurt. I found this in Whole Foods, nestled in between kefir and vegan cheese so far removed from the real thing that it was closer to a Carrot Top comedy set than Camembert. The cashiers extolled it, and I sneered inwardly. Impeccable packaging. Twee as all hell. Let’s crack it open.DSC_8686 Continue reading “Blue Hill Butternut Squash Yogurt”

Guest Post: Mana’eesh

Cousin Plate-O is back again, featuring a classic Jordanian breakfast with infinite possibilities stuffed inside- for more of his adventures, find him at In His Majesty’s Scholarly ServiceIMG_3840I should’ve known this already, but it turns out that the best part of hosting one’s family at one’s workplace is using them as an excuse to take a break from the normal eating routine. When most of your meals are of the school-dining-hall variety, as mine are, this opportunity takes on a particular significance, and it was with extreme gusto that I forewent my typical breakfast to indulge in a Jordanian specialty.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Donut

Thank you for coming across my online guide on how to perform a successful incision and extraction of cookie dough creme from a baked, yeast-based heart donut. In this step by step guide, I will detail the vivisection, extraction, and recovery period.To start, you will need a Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Donut, in the requisite heart formation. DSC_7585 Continue reading “Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Donut”