I added a few more things to the blog this week.

One of them is the lovely Paypal donation button, seen here. We are not paid to do this. All of the food we get is either given to us by companies or bought ourselves. A little donation goes a long way into getting you more reviews.

The other is a small poll, up for a month, that I thought might be nice. I want YOU to tell me what you want on here. Additional suggestions are always welcomed in the comment section, too. Giveaways, food of the week, other supplements…you tell us what you want, we’ll deliver!

So let us know! We have a lot of viewers, but you’re an awfully quiet bunch. 🙂 Give us a heads up. And a question for any of my Massachusetts readers- FOOD IN AMHERST. What’s the best? I know Antonio’s and Wings Over are sublime, but I need recommendations…foreign groceries for my strange stuff fix, little grocery stores, bakeries…


Jell-O: If you love me, you will kill me.

Today, I had four wisdom teeth out. Thus, this is going to be a short and rather snide review.

For hooves and shit, Jell-O tastes pretty good. Would I have rather had this?

Perhaps. But it would have been nice to have the real thing.

Or this, at least.

Jell-O is pretty damned strange. It’s, as I discovered early on this year, a complex oscillating harmonic. And it tastes like shit. Who the fuck discovered the Jell-O/tuna combination? Someone with no tongue, that’s who.

I am so done. I am in pain. Expect more reviews soon, but this is just getting pathetic. I leave you with some pictures of Jell-O.

2/10- OUCH.