Entenmann’s Blueberry Little Bites

My sister had these, so I decided to try a pack. Little Bites has this industrial strength, thick, white packaging normally reserved for classified documents and condoms. I’m not sure why they do this. It can’t be to keep the muffins from crushing, because they’re already flattened when they come out. So what is it? Sun protection?

The muffins are small, and there are only four of them. It looks like there are real blueberries in them, which is a plus. They look like little purple toadstools to me. Eating them is an interesting experience. These muffins are so oily that you can swallow them whole. I tried to eat them bite by bite, but no dice. They still slid down my throat like luge athletes.

I’m not a fan of these. Their motto, “I just want a little bite!” reminds me of those little assholes in elementary school who would always try and mooch off your lunch. That pisses me off. I was that mooch. To me, the plea of these muffins mocks me.

And homey don’t like being mocked.

2/10- CRAP

Nik Naks Nice ‘n’ Spicy

I was disappointed with these.

I expected them to be like Cheetos- they were shaped like them, so I figured they’d be cheesy and very hot, like a higher-end, gourmet version of Hot Cheetos.

Instead, these tasted strongly of two things- vinegar and ginger. It wasn’t necessarily a bad taste, just not what I expected, and not spicy, as advertised. Strong, yes. Tangy, yes. But spicy just didn’t cut the bill for this.

The texture was phenomenal- like refined Cheetos, with none of those icky little corn bits that break your teeth. These were smooth and crispy, and though they were way past the sell date, very crisp.

3/10- EH.

Cadbury Twisted Creme Egg Bar

Keep in mind that prior to eating this, I had never had an actual Cadbury Creme Egg- just the Russell Stover knockoffs.


This bar- if this is any representation of what the egg is like- is incredible, and makes me extremely jealous, because Europe has such better chocolate than we.

I opened the bar and smelled rich, rich chocolate. Upon biting into it, I was treated to two clear layers of the infamous Cadbury egg- the yolk and white. The fondant wasn’t hard, and completely consistent in texture. It was just delicious, smooth, and sugary.

The chocolate is the reason why Europe will always be better. It’s smooth, rich, consistent, and doesn’t burn with sugar in your mouth. This bar is a winner. My only criticism is that in my first bite, there was a concentration of yolk, giving me a slightly bitter taste from the food dye. Perhaps this is different with all bars.

Kinder Egg Surprise

Image Copyright The Bio Builder- photos soon!

Of course there would come a time when I’d review this, my favorite, most guilty foreign pleasure.

Kinder eggs are the deliciously illicit confection from overseas. It came in my package of British goodies.

Inside a chocolate egg, two-tone, is a toy. What will the toy be? It could be anything. Kinder is famous for doing strange toys…

My egg contained a little sheep on a motorbike. Awesome!

The chocolate is thin and soft, nothing special, but people buy these for the novelty.

Walker’s BBQ Rib Crisps

Image Copyright British Grocery- I’ll add my own photos later, I need new batteries in my camera!

I received my order from BritGrocery yesterday, and I’m so excited!

I’m reviewing the Walker’s BBQ Rib today. I love reviewing unusual flavors of chips, so I was extremely excited to get these in for you guys!

First upon opening the bag, there’s not much aroma, but a predominant smell of spices wafts up.

Upon biting into one of these, the first thing you notice is the texture. Because I’m American, I’m used to our soft, slightly greasy chips, but these are, if anything, very much like our Baked! line of chips here. They are very, very crisp, make a lovely crunch in your mouth, and don’t leave behind much grease at all.

The taste is good, but I have to preface this by telling you that is it NOT BBQ RIB. It’s curry, completely, and on a more complex note, tastes exactly like Chicken Tikka Masala from my local Indian place. It left a slightly buttery aftertaste in my mouth, like Tikka Masala often does. Works for the meal, not for the chips.

These are good, but deceptive. I was expecting a more smoke-based flavor, maybe some barbecue sauce and a little bit more meat flavor that British crisps are so famous for, but this is decent. I wish they’d just been called Tikka Masala, though.

4/10- OKAY

Burger King Orange Icee


It’s certainly been a while since I’ve had an Icee, but for 1.00 for twelve ounces, how could I pass it up?

It was an orange Icee, with that creamy slush-style that we’re all accustomed to. Not my favorite- I prefer a Slush Puppy style, chipped ice and syrup drink, but we can’t all have what we want.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to sip this and taste not orange, but my favorite soda of all time- Stew Leonard’s Orange Cream, which I’ll soon be doing a review on. I had no idea this was dreamsicle flavored!

The ice wasn’t consistently textured. Sometimes, little blobs, like Dippin’ Dots, of ice came up in the straw. Interesting, at the least. But the flavor was tasty and not burning-sugary.

6/10- TASTY

Wendy’s French Fries

Image Copyright Biggest Menu

I got these fries with my chicken.

They came in their trademark container. I was surprised to find that they were a little dry. They were very tasty- with that slightly soft characteristic of Wendy’s fries, but were just not hot enough. They tasted like they’d been waiting, which is very strange, being that it was 10:30 in the morning and they would have just opened.

Something about Wendy’s salt, though, I don’t even know what, is just delicious. Something strange, because it’s just regular table salt, but it makes those fries good.

Overall, they’re not bad fries. They’re NOT Lenny and Joe’s, which I’ll have to review soon, but they’re not bad for their quality and price. Just wish there weren’t so many potato spears as fries…

5/10- NOT BAD

SNACKDOWN: Wendy’s 99 cent Crispy Chicken Sandwich vs. Burger King’s Spicy Chick’n Crisper

I’m back, the AP tests are over, and I celebrated with a small brunch: A Snackdown!

Today’s Snackdown was between two value menu chicken sandwiches, from Wendy’s and from Burger King.

Image Copyright Behind the Hype- I’ll have a new camera soon!

Many people have said the BK sandwich was dry and flavorless, so I wasn’t expecting much, but it was very, very tasty. Mine looked just like this, but no lettuce. It’s very true that the Wendy’s Sandwich was much thicker, but this sandwich was very good. I liked the flavoring. It wasn’t very spicy like the Wendy’s regular spicy chicken sandwich, but it had spices to it, and flavored very well.

The Wendy’s sandwich is clearly the best value and quality for its price. At 99 cents, the chicken patty is freaking huge and the bun is the softest and tastiest bun you could eat. The chicken breading is really good. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not greasy, and it might be panko crumbs. Regardless, it’s good, and the chicken is very thick.

Image Copyright Brand Eating

Unlike the Burger King, the Wendy’s is definitely a real, whole piece of chicken, whereas BK is somewhat reconstituted. But I’m torn. Who will win this Snackdown? They’re both amazing.


WENDY’S- 8/10

I have to judge this as a draw, though. However, the real winner would be if Wendy’s put their amazing chicken in a spicy sandwich. GrubGrade is right. We need a 99 cent spicy chicken sandwich. It would be Jesus.


Dancing Deer Dark Gingerbread Cake


What a lovely cake.

This cake was the second in my Dancing Deer installment, along with the pancake mix. I took the cake out of its packaging and was enveloped in a delicious, nutmeggy, cinnamon-y smell.

The cake was a little small, but it was free, so I have no complaints. It was perfect for fresh whipped cream, and its sweetness complimented the cream well, as I’d purposely made it without sugar to balance the flavors.

The cake seemed to have a glaze, but upon further inspection, did not. This was good. It was gooey, not crumbly or uneven in texture, and had a wonderful taste and feel in the mouth. Another hit!