On tap…

Here’s what the next week will look like…I have a few packages and samples coming from some wonderful companies, so I’ll be treating you to those this week!

– Newman’s Own Organics is sending some goodies over
– Welch’s is quenching my thirst and love for grapes
– Many random samples of free things, including Emergen-C
– A Snackdown between McDonalds’ apple pie and Burger King’s apple pie

And more!


Upcoming week…

My week in reviews…upcoming foods.

Ideas and suggestions appreciated and encouraged!

Today- Taco Bell Value Nachos
Thursday- Domino’s Macaroni and Cheese BreadBowl
Friday- Homemade recipe reviews! Homemade pizza and berry tart
Saturday- Chicken Ranch Tendercrisp from Burger King
Sunday- Sipper Sunday…a drink!

Ideas, please! Next week is Dancing Deer Week!



Hello, everyone!

I’ve always skulked around food blogs and snack review websites and have been frustrated by the lack of tailored blogs, so I decided to create my own!

I’ll be reviewing all sorts of things- frozen meals, chips, candy, fast food, new fruits and veggies…you name it, I’ll review it!

Except mushrooms. God, those are fucking gross.

I’ll accept any tips for food, especially if you send me a sample. I’ll have photos and high-quality, detailed reviews every time.


The Foodette