Tumeric Elixir of Life Vanilla Bean

I’ve been MIA for a few reasons- for one, exams have reared their terrifying, software-based, open-booked heads and have taken over my life like an antimatter blob made of terminology and the tears of the innocent, and for two, I’m in a five-season period of mourning for the late, great Community. Damn you, Dan Harmon, you beautiful, ephemeral beast. For another, unless you’ve stalked me on LinkedIn, I’ve been preparing for my big summer move- I’m taking a week to drive to Arkansas, starting this Sunday, to begin my position as a summer associate in the legal department of a large corporation. I’ll be driving there and back, traveling west on the way down and heading south on my way back up, and will be there until late August, so expect lots of delicious Southern specialties and neat, new restaurants to review!wpid-wp-1399688131059.jpeg Continue reading “Tumeric Elixir of Life Vanilla Bean”