McDonald’s Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips

So yeah. The Foodette has officially branched off into a good food, bad food roulette-style blog. Patricia will be showing you the right way to eat, and I will be boldly stepping off into the intrepid “not” section.

My dad brought me McDonald’s today, a rare treat. People will laugh. I will get fatty jokes, probably from malicious exes, but I do not care. I lost fifteen pounds and sprinted today, trying to catch a runaway Bichon, ergo, I deserved it.

So he brought me the five-piece Chicken Selects, which, ironically, I had just read about as one of the top five worst items to order at Mickey D’s. Mmmmm. Coronaries. So tasty. So the McAwesome boasts a whopping 660 calories, 40 grams of fat, and 1680 grams of sodium. It’s a lot to handle, especially coupled with the archetypal- ha ha, arch? Like the golden arches? Fuck it. Coupled with the NORMAL combo of fries and a Coke, or whatever your liquid poison may be, it’s a lot of calories.

I ate the entire box. I was starving. It was also the first thing I’d eaten today, but hey, I don’t need to defend myself. The chicken itself comes with a variety of dipping sauces. A good choice on the part of McDonald’s, because the chicken can tend to be a bit dry.

I don’t know if it’s my KFC or the chain in general, but their chicken is odious. It’s basically batter around gristle. Not this chicken, though. While it’s not Lenny and Joe’s, a review which I must do with gumption, as it is the best chicken ever. Maybe a trip with Patricia? While it’s not theirs, it falls in a pretty solid middle category. The breading is lightly flavored with black pepper, and needs no salt. The sauces- buffalo, ranch, honey mustard, and barbecue- are all solid, good sauces that do well with the chicken.

Texture-wise, this is no McNugget. McDonald’s isn’t fucking with you here, because there’s no guessing as to where the meat comes from. It’s a meatier texture than the Nugget, which had that greasy, softer texture we all knew and enjoyed, but in return, is less greasy. In fact, it’s not very greasy at all. More of a dry breading than anything else.

The pieces are quite large. A good four, five bites apiece. I like them. Three pieces is very filling, five makes a meal. I wouldn’t eat it too often, but it’s too tasty to pass up when you just can’t have homemade fried chicken. For a mass produced place, this chicken is good.

It runs a little steep- six bucks for a meal, but it’s a good value.
7/10- TASTY

Hood Small Curd Cottage Cheese With Pineapple

I’ve always had a thing for salad bar cottage cheese. I remember there was a time when I was on a sixth grade field trip, and there was a salad bar at lunch, but sans salad dressing. Therefore, as a (rather un-thought out) solution, I just piled on a tower of cottage cheese as compensation. And it worked.

I’ve been on the lookout for healthy and filling snacks, and cottage cheese is infamous for being healthy and filling, so I decided to give it a try…went down to Big-Y yesterday and picked up four kinds of Hood cottage cheese available…regular, country style, chive, and pineapple.
This particular cottage cheese boasts 130 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 20 mg of cholesterol, 320 mg of sodium, 15 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of protein per serving (113 g). It’s somewhat unimpressive considering the high and mighty health food pedestal that cottage cheese is often placed upon, but it’s probably better for you than a sack of potato chips or something. Really not impressed with the amount of sodium, but regardless…
Now, I had read from several online forums that many people preferred their cottage cheese with fruit, especially pineapple. I’ve never been able to understand that–for me, cottage cheese has always been associated with romaine lettuce and fluorescent salad bar lighting. But considering the high volume of pro-pineapple propagators, I decided to give it a try.
I don’t know if it was just me or if it was just Hood, but I was unimpressed. The cottage cheese part tasted…well, like cottage cheese. It was a little more watery and crumbly than I would’ve liked, even for small curd cottage cheese. But nonetheless, the cottage cheese itself was tolerable.
The pineapple, however, was not. Now granted, this is Hood, and if they ever mass produce pineapples, that’s probably what they used in this cottage cheese. There were little bits of pineapple fibers scattered around the cup (rather evenly, which was interesting), but the cottage cheese just had a weird pineapply feel to it. I didn’t really like it, personally….I got the vibe that Hood decided to throw in some leftover bits of pineapple and squirt in some pineapple juice concentrate into every cup before packaging. Not that the pineapple tasted fake or anything….but just slightly suspicious.
Or, rather, I’m thinking it could just be me and my distaste for the pineapple-cottage cheese combo. Either way, however, I’m the one writing the review, so…
I am looking forward to trying the chive flavored cottage cheese tomorrow…stay tuned!

Oh Fudge! Dark Chocolate Fudge

That happens to be a picture of her black forest fudge, because I do not have a camera…

This is a package from an Etsy seller, Oh Fudge! online. She’s out of Kent, Washington, and makes delicious fudge!

I got a package from her today, of new newly debuted dark chocolate fudge. Half a pound! A very generous sample for this Foodette. Upon opening the box, I was presented with a dense, dark brown fudge, a little darker than the standard chocolate you see in stores.

One of the interesting things she uses, and I personally love it when this is an ingredient, is marshmallow cream. A lot of recipes call for corn syrup or condensed milk, but I find that the marshmallow cream gives a really smooth, not grainy, and sweet texture. Like eating a really chocolatey s’more.

Well, this fudge was no exception. It was a dense, but smooth and rich fudge. It cut like butter from the package. It tasted less like dark chocolate than semi-sweet, but was definitely distinguishable from milk chocolate fudge in the intensity of the flavor. The chocolate had a bold pop in your mouth, with the sweet, creamy marshmallow taste following up.

This is an excellent fudge for dark chocolate lovers, and at a very reasonable price, too. Check out Margaret’s shop here. You will not be disappointed.

Oh Fudge!
Kent, Washington


Little Prince Noodles (小王子麵)

Hello, friends! I think I was introduced on this blog about a week ago, but I’ve been too lazy/busy (I’m more inclined to think the former) to post. Plus, it appears that my family got to my Grandma’s Asian-goodie stuffed care package before me, so my house is currently somewhat void of quality Asian snack-foods…hard to believe, I know…
But I did find this. And I was delighted.
If anyone has had the fortune of eating dry ramen noodles, Little Prince Noodles are basically the same thing. The packets of Noodle are pretty small; around the size of a coaster. Comparitively speaking, though, it gives you a pretty good bang for your buck. Call it Asian frugality, but the package is pretty full, especially considering that the noodles are pretty fragmented already and don’t need the air cushion that most half-filled potato chip bags offer.
However, it is because of this fragmented nature that causes Little Prince Noodles to be somewhat difficult to eat. Quite frankly, it’s basically just seasoned, crushed up ramen noodles in a little baggie. Thus, one can either dump half the package into one’s mouth all at once, or pinch at little pieces and make the snack last for, oh, about twenty minutes. And in case you’re thinking about it right now, don’t try using a spoon. It gets kind of gross.
I personally prefer the ‘pinching’ method, but Little Prince Noodles have been such a staple snack food in my life (as well as the lives of other Taiwanese) that I’ve become rather accustomed to it. It’s a bit of a bother, but it’s not terrible after a bit of practice.
The other problem with Little Prince Noodles is that the seasoning on the noodles isn’t firmly stuck on the noodles themselves. Which is good for those out there who prefer their foods sans artificial seasoning adhesive, but, like falling objects and body fat, gravity takes a toll on the noodles, causing the majority of the seasoning to settle at the bottom of the package. Therefore, the noodles near the top of the package have little seasoning, and the noodles at the bottom bear enough MSG to numb one’s mouth for several hours. (Trust me on this one.)
The packaging of Little Prince Noodles are also infamously difficult to open. Use scissors.
These flaws, however, are not as magnanimous as my commentry, and are otherwise very delightful. They’re rather filling for weighing only a few grams, and if one avoids the little mounds of MSG gathered at the bottom of the package, it has the potential to be fairly healthy. A pack of 30-35 baggies can be picked up at your local Asian mart for no more than $2.

Upcoming news…

This week will be a delicious bakery week. Amidst the last of the Newman’s Own Organics goodies, I’m being sent a few things from some wonderful independant bakers.

Highlights include:
– Dark chocolate fudge
– Cupcakes
– Some Herr’s chips (not baked, ha ha)
– Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant review
– Various baked goods…it’s a surprise for me!

More later. Patricia will potentially be reviewing some Asian goods tonight…


Newman’s Own Organics Sea Salt Soy Crisps

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lag in posts. It was a very busy week.

I did get some snacking done, though, and I tried the lovely sea-salt flavored Newman’s Own Organics Soy Crisps.

I am a potato chip fiend through and through. Nothing delights me more than a good, crispy chip, which I do have for review soon, but to my surprise, I couldn’t stop eating these crisps.

They have a nice, rice and soy based crunch to them, very crispy, and soft throughout. Unlike other crisps, there’s no strange and brittle crunch. The sea salt comes out in them in a very subtle, but tasty way. They are quite low in calories.

If these could be improved, I might say that they could use a little more sea salt. I ate them on a stomachache and their plain and simple flavor was very tasty and easy on my stomach, especially with the overall consistency, but to some, they may be a little bland.

6/10- OKAY

Newman’s Own Organics Hi-Protein Pretzels

These were very tasty pretzels. There was a nice amount of salt on them and they were very crispy-crunchy and easy to eat. The taste, though, reminded me, for some reason, like less of a pretzel and more of a cracker-y taste. They reminded me of Toppers, those cracker-pretzel bisecting things.

The pretzels are nice and tiny, and unlike most pretzel brands, do not stab the roof of your mouth with salty and painful delight. The crunch is crispy, but soft. I like these a lot. Another really positive aspect of these was that the high protein made them extremely filling. You don’t have to eat a lot of these to feel full, and there’s no grainy or icky protein taste. Nobody would notice that these are rich in protein- five grams per serving! if you didn’t tell them.

If Newman’s Own Organics took a more flavored approach to these, like with the salt and pepper of their rounds, or like Twisted Grandma’s, with garlic butter or spicy flavors, I may be more inclined to buy them in stores. But they are really tasty.
7/10- YUMMY

Newman’s Own Organics Double Chocolate Mint Chip

I’m trudging through this package, and my family and friends are extremely happy to reap the leftovers of what I share.

This cookie was another version of the Champion Chip line of Newman’s Own Organics. They tasted like the Hint ‘O Mint Newman-O’s minus the cream. The mint flavor overpowered the chocolate and tasted dry. I thought it would have made the texture moist, but it didn’t do much.

The chocolate chips were plentiful. I strongly recommend these with a glass of milk. They were flavorful for mint lovers, but a little too much mint for regulars like myself.


A new Foodette!

Ladies and gents, I have a new partner in crime to help me snarkily review foods. She’ll be our foreign correspondant whilst I am away at college, but fear not, that is ages from now. For now, I’m introducing her to the fine art of food blogging and reviewing…

Presenting, Patricia!

In addition to that, I feel it necessary to promote the fact that I will be interviewed tomorrow at CandyYumYum. Cheers!


Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate Creme Newman-O’s

Another winner! This time, in the case of the creme and other creme-based flavors, the creme was much fluffier than other cremes, really puffing up the cookie to a Double-Stuff size. It was lovely.

The same marshmallow taste was back, but it’s not strange at all. It gave a really nice texture to it. I had been worried that, like the plains, the creme would have softened the cookies, but these were crunchy, crispy chocolate disks, like its predecessors. The creme was just delightful. Soft, gooey, and sometimes, so soft, the cookie would slide off as I took a bite. No matter. More creme for the next cookie.

What really amazes me is that all this stuff is organic. I keep forgetting it, but when you come down to it, that’s a really incredible feat and process. Preservatives are used in making things soft, and I can’t even see a trace of high-fructose corn syrup. Newman’s Own Organics has done it again, folks.