Peanut Butter M&M’s

These might sound a little pedestrian, but trust me, they’re a classic. I thought nothing could beat Crispy M&Ms, but here they are, the underdog.

It’s a shame, what with the M&M franchise, that the bigger the nut, the less candy in the bag, which is why I never get the almond ones anymore. Of course, these are just as good.

The M&M isn’t bigger, diameter-wise, than your average candy, but is much taller and peaked at times, due to the little blobbette of peanut butter on the inside. It’s the same candy shell, same colors, and the peanut butter is good. It’s not like Reese’s peanut butter cup, there’s no crumble, but that would be amazing, no? It’s not like a Reese’s Pieces taste, that peanut butter hard candy. It’s just in a class of its own. To liken it to anything, at its furthest form, would be to Lindt Peanut Butter, because it’s a ganache-style butter, quite tasty and salty.

These are just classically great candies. They’re my go-to when I just don’t feel like eating anything new. I just wish there were more to a bag, because they’re addictive as hell.


Cadbury Twisted Creme Egg Bar

Keep in mind that prior to eating this, I had never had an actual Cadbury Creme Egg- just the Russell Stover knockoffs.


This bar- if this is any representation of what the egg is like- is incredible, and makes me extremely jealous, because Europe has such better chocolate than we.

I opened the bar and smelled rich, rich chocolate. Upon biting into it, I was treated to two clear layers of the infamous Cadbury egg- the yolk and white. The fondant wasn’t hard, and completely consistent in texture. It was just delicious, smooth, and sugary.

The chocolate is the reason why Europe will always be better. It’s smooth, rich, consistent, and doesn’t burn with sugar in your mouth. This bar is a winner. My only criticism is that in my first bite, there was a concentration of yolk, giving me a slightly bitter taste from the food dye. Perhaps this is different with all bars.

Dancing Deer Dark Gingerbread Cake


What a lovely cake.

This cake was the second in my Dancing Deer installment, along with the pancake mix. I took the cake out of its packaging and was enveloped in a delicious, nutmeggy, cinnamon-y smell.

The cake was a little small, but it was free, so I have no complaints. It was perfect for fresh whipped cream, and its sweetness complimented the cream well, as I’d purposely made it without sugar to balance the flavors.

The cake seemed to have a glaze, but upon further inspection, did not. This was good. It was gooey, not crumbly or uneven in texture, and had a wonderful taste and feel in the mouth. Another hit!


Lindt Excellence Pistachio

We bought this bar to finish off our pizza with, because it was a lovely day.

I felt it. It was a heavy bar, with a really nice feeling to it, and when we unwrapped it, I was surprised and delighted to find out that it had little pods.

The pods made the bar. The almond creme, as it advertised, was nicely pooled instead of smushed down in a bar, and sat a nice green pistachio in the middle.

Lindt chocolate is just excellent. I mean, compared to so many others, it’s just smooth, creamy, no bitterness, and just delicious. I like it a lot. The flavors went really well together. I didn’t really know where the almond flavoring was, but the texture was like a marzipan as opposed to a creme.

It’s a good bar. I like their other flavors and hope to see more pod-bars soon.


Dancing Deer Caramel Pecan Brownie

Image Copyright Dancing Deer

These are freaking amazing. I appreciate- really, really appreciate a good brownie. I picked these up at my local organic grocery store. Not the hippie-dippie pretentious type, just a great place for groceries with the added bonus prize of being organic and delicious.

I think I could legitimately live off of these. Not healthily, mind you, but happily and full of goo. The texture is sublime in these brownies. Honest to Dog. The pecans are perfectly applied and crunch with that wonderful roasted toasted taste, and the caramel is gooey enough and adds to the overall softness of the brownie. They use only the best ingredients here. I popped it in the microwave and almost convinced myself I’d made these by myself.

They’re a tad on the pricey side, though, that’s my only concern, but if they send me samples to review I wouldn’t complain. These brownies kick ass. The deer kicks the asses of your brownies. This deer pooped on Little Debbie.

That is all.


Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Beverage

Image Copyright Cadbury-Schweppes

See, I like Yoo-Hoo, but you have to drink it the way they ask you to. No Yoo-Hoo anarchy here. If you decide to fight the man and eschew the system, you end up with a watery half drink, an average rest, and a chalky, quasi-chocolate goo-powder at the bottom.


But if you shake it…shake it good, like a Polaroid picture or like a crying baby…too soon? If you shake if well, it’s heavenly. Severely delicious.

It might take people a while to get used to the whole “chocolate drink” as opposed to the “chocolate milk” thing, but I think it’s vastly superior. Nothing compares to a good chocolate milk, but if you can’t have that, this is the next best thing.