Gluten-free Olive Oil and Roasted Almond Chip Cookies

Recipes are after the jump if you’re keen to find the cookies.
Time for another Dillinger Dinner post! If you missed the first one, click here for some delicious taco action. This isn’t exactly a Dillinger Dinner post so much as it is some behind-the-scenes info about our schedules. They flip-flop at times. When I’m coming home from the library or the gym, he’ll be tucked into bed. He goes to work at 6 or 7AM sometimes, and sleeps at my place when the commute is tough. He works on a whole team of technicians, and has to be there for any shift they need.
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Domata Gluten-Free Recipe Ready Flour

My litmus test for fancy food products is more blithe than I’d like to admit. How’s that brand of peppermint bark? Is it better than Williams-Sonoma? Looks like you’re erecting a chicken coop in your backyard. Williams-Sonoma has a coop that features bay windows. Looks like you have salt on the table. But tell me, is it ground in a Peugeout grinder? I know, with the wealth of incredible things at my disposal, you’d think I could do better than a third-party retailer situated next to a PF Chang’s and a Limited Too. But it’s true. And when I picked up an astonishingly attractive gluten-free cup for cup flour at Walmart last week, my first coherent thought was: Well, is it any better than Cup4Cup?DSC_6927 Continue reading “Domata Gluten-Free Recipe Ready Flour”

Red Jacket Orchards Blackcurrant-Apple Juice

I’m planning a damned good brunch party for next week, to celebrate half of finals being done. I’m forsaking an advent calendar, as well as gifts for loved ones this year as a result of my personal Four Days of Finals (trademark pending) annual tradition. I’ve started it this year. The song goes like this:

On the first day of finals, my limit gave to me,
An hour-long deep tissue massage.
On the second day of finals, my limit gave to me,
Two bloody marys,
And an hour-long deep tissue massage.
On the third day of finals, my limit gave to me,
Three fingers of Laphroaig,
Two bloody marys,
And an hour-long deep tissue massage.
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Four pounds of steak,
Three fingers of Laphroaig,
Two bloody marys,
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The December Delirium Tremens: Holiday Gifts, Walgreens, and You #HappyAllTheWay

I am a member of the Collective Bias/Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as a part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. Screw those Whitman’s Samplers and chintzy stockings– you want this Christmas present idea for your next shindig. Yes, I was paid. No, it doesn’t make this any less awesome.DSC_6877Guest Anxiety II: The Guest-ening is out now that Christmas is in season and people have forgotten Hanukkah. I’ve partnered with Walgreens and Collective Bias to create a wholly essential, utterly ridiculous hostess gift for the holidays. Ladies and ladies, and lost gentlemen, I present to you, the December Delirium Tremens. It’s 100% more useful than sriracha-bacon candy canes, and gender androgynous to boot. It has a few nifty gifties in its blanketed confines as a clever nod for the afterparty, or the day after. If someone brought me a hostess gift that was meant for usage in the party, I’d be miffed. I naturally assume, that like me, all host(esse)s have coordinated and planned everything for their parties in mid-July. It would be presumptuous of me to add something that could potentially clash. Incidentally, this is also why I end up bringing Carr’s Water Crackers and gin to every party I go to. I’m a hit at 8th birthdays. Continue reading “The December Delirium Tremens: Holiday Gifts, Walgreens, and You #HappyAllTheWay”

Domino’s Gluten-Free Pizza

Curiosity and a freezing cold night inspired, as my notes tell me, both action and forbearance on the part of a contract I made. Specifically, a contract with my diet. I forebeared in opting out of my daily cardio and sweatfest when my booty short-clad legs hit 20-degree air, and I acted when I looked at my sink piled with dirty dishes and ordered a pizza. From Domino’s. I know, but when your city’s GrubHub has nothing but sketchy Chinese food and free muggings with every small pizza and a soda, sometimes a little chain consistency doesn’t hurt. Plus, their 50% off coupon coincided both with finals ravishment and a curiosity to try their gluten-free pizza. Yes, I know it’s been out for over a year. No, I didn’t feel like paying $20 for something twice the size of a Lunchables pizza, despite my pleasure at having gluten-free delivery.DSC_6895

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Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

We’ve been known to take a sincere pleasure in driving, despite the untimely fact that the sun has been setting at 4PM around these parts. Still, there’s no denying the smooth rush of bounding over hills and careening around corners to places unknown. We took one of those drives on Sunday night, in the dark, as we headed to Newport for dinner at the Castle Hill Inn, on Ocean Avenue. I was a bit saddened that we were whizzing past the forest and buildings in such a blur, noting how much we’d enjoyed the drive on the way to the festival this summer. That faded away as soon as we approached the magnificent estate, breathtaking alongside the coast. The glory of the inn at daytime was easily matched by it in the night, and we walked indoors, pausing for a moment to take in the saline scent of the ocean beyond us.DSC_6713

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Entertaining with Habanero-Pimento Quiche Bites

For Thanksgiving, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®,  I made these habanero-pimento cheese quiche bites. Yes, they put some scratch in my holiday coffer. No, you don’t have to read this. 

I think I’m the only person left in the world who would prefer entertaining and cooking for an entire holiday party than actually going to one. Why? Guest anxiety. It’s classic. You’ll know it by the sweaty sheen on the steering wheel as you come up to the entertainer’s house, or by the sudden shift in music from your lighthearted Grunge and Broadway Pandora station (no, I don’t have one, and it definitely isn’t called ‘Kiss Me Kurt’) to Gregorian chants and the soundtrack to Twin Peaks. Especially with new people. Until I enter that house, I won’t know if my quinoa pomegranate mint salad will be meant with disdain, or if I should have worn the Fair Isle vest over the corduroy button-down…or vice versa.DSC_6624 Continue reading “Entertaining with Habanero-Pimento Quiche Bites”

Polar Butter Rum Seltzer

It has come to my attention that, due to my cryogenic freezing on the other side of the planet, everything I’m now seeing on shelves at my local big-box stores is actually a rehashing of last year’s limited-edition goods. For starters, damn it, France. And also, damn it, companies, when did you just give the hell up? Great, I get to sip on last year’s butter rum seltzer. Maybe I’ll take out my Zune and play the Mariah Carey holiday album in my Snuggie and eat Air Crisps while we’re being retroactive, too. I shouldn’t have to spend my grant money on turkey-flavored ice cream. Where’s the turkey-flavored seltzer for the masses? Pumpkin pie? Christmas cookies? Latkes?DSC_6705 Continue reading “Polar Butter Rum Seltzer”

Palais des Thés Vive le Thé

I’m dead. There’s nothing left of me but a pile of promissory notes and a battered, bloody copy of the Model Penal Code. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a shut-in? The degree. What’s the difference between breakfast and lunch? No damned clue. I had a coffee for lunch. I distinctly remember blinking once at 10AM and once at 12PM and all of a sudden, it was 4 and the sun was going down.DSC_6669Oh my god. Continue reading “Palais des Thés Vive le Thé”