Cheeteau, by Cheetos and Frito-Lay

Well, now I know why all my April Fool’s jokes were late. The post office hates me, and FedEx dropped something off that was a ‘restricted material.’ I was prepared for either delicious alcohol or a non-delicious subpoena, job offer, or scam check from a car decal craigslist ad, but was pleased to find a sample bottle of Cheeteau, the new fragrance from Frito-Lay. Now, I’m not a perfume blogger, but I gained a decent deal of perfume knowledge from my last ex, so alongside the real deal, let’s analyze the cologne.DSC_8601 Continue reading “Cheeteau, by Cheetos and Frito-Lay”

Yöghund Apple & Cheddar Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Woof! I perpetually suffer from what the French call l’esprit d’escalier, or in English, ‘being a little slow on the uptake.’ I came up with four perfect April Fool’s jokes on April 2nd- at 12:30 AM, when what was once funny is now merely irritating, and wore my interesting vest for our property discussion on vested interest on the wrong day. (It was madras.) Much like David Ives’ titular opus, it really is all in the timing. So here’s some dog ice cream. April Fool’s!DSC_8556 Continue reading “Yöghund Apple & Cheddar Frozen Yogurt for Dogs”

Chopped Pork with a Spicy Honey Nectarine Slaw

Summer is coming! Spring is here! I can wear shorts without feeling the need to amputate both of my legs! I mean, it’s not like it snowed on Monday and my car got stuck in the driveway or anything. Connecticut, you whack. With the lovely weather, I’m cooking up a storm and procrastinating on the gym when it ought to be the other way around. I recently started to desire eating meat again, so I roasted a pork butt and chopped it up for this spectacular sandwich.
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Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

I had a number of things planned out for my future tombstone. Call it a list of superlatives, accomplishments. Things I wanted people to know about my life that seemed worthy of paying a person to painstakingly engrave into the marker of my final resting place. ‘Never enjoyed Boston,’ ‘Knew all the words to ‘The Bad Touch,’ ‘Never broke a phone,’ ‘Was heavy in the game,’ and such. But after my HTC kissed the pavement today, I can safely scratch off one of those macabre, creepy hypotheticals. Have you ever broken a phone? It’s like losing a limb. A stupid, slow limb with low battery, but a limb nevertheless.DSC_8519 Continue reading “Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad”

Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Iced Coffee

Oh, Dunkin’, you sly minx. What are you, the Ace of Cakes? Or rather, some yet-unnamed ice-cream themed show on the Food Network that a young, hell-destined executive is dreaming of as we speak. So many limited edition flavors! So many weird things! The donut sandwich seemed serendipitous, as if you’d finally caught wind of those odd concepts like trends and memes that the bakery scene so often misses, and the slew of red velvet could have been chalked up to the holidays. But now you’ve paired with old fling Baskin Robbins in the oddest juxtaposition to date: ice-cream flavored coffee, for people who like a little caffeine with their sugar. Mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, jamoca…all de rigueur.DSC_8532And this is cookie dough. Continue reading “Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Iced Coffee”

Nutffles Red Velvet Truffles

Oh, gas stations. Sometimes I forget how novel and wonderful they are. I’ll admit, having a car and paying my own bills and buying toilet paper, the harbingers of adulthood, has made me a little jaded. Gone are the days when I could waltz into a convenience store on the hunt for nary more than barbecue chicken-flavored Cheetos and leave with that and a Slurpee. Now there’s gas to buy, or I’ll slump in for an Aspirin after a long night of studying. The novelties go overlooked in favor of deodorant and ice scrapers. Perhaps I sensed something magical in the damp, inexplicably snowy air today, because I paused by the candy aisle, scanning the Hershey bars, Starburst, and weird, sticky Twizzlers knockoffs to find something delightfully creepy, and terribly named.DSC_8507 Continue reading “Nutffles Red Velvet Truffles”

Archer Farms Gyro Wood-Fired Crust Pizza

Where will Big Pizza stop? It seems like they’ll chuck anything on a crust for the world to listlessly chew, alongside their doughzac/pepperonazepam cocktail, while watching reruns of Honey Boo Boo. Just keep chewing. For those of you still trapped in a pizza wasteland, namely, anywhere outside of Connecticut, Archer Farms has some weird solutions for your topping woes. They’re making it rain with strawberries, green beans, brie, pear, and now, everyone’s favorite late-night meatfest, gyro.DSC_8499
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Guest Post: Mana’eesh

Cousin Plate-O is back again, featuring a classic Jordanian breakfast with infinite possibilities stuffed inside- for more of his adventures, find him at In His Majesty’s Scholarly ServiceIMG_3840I should’ve known this already, but it turns out that the best part of hosting one’s family at one’s workplace is using them as an excuse to take a break from the normal eating routine. When most of your meals are of the school-dining-hall variety, as mine are, this opportunity takes on a particular significance, and it was with extreme gusto that I forewent my typical breakfast to indulge in a Jordanian specialty.

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Hearty Kitchen, West Hartford, CT

Connecticut is great– we have beaches, a tasteful selection of outerwear and haircuts, and our babies are born with a keen sense of interior design and frigid sarcasm. But our fried food is self-sacrificially uninteresting. So when Hearty Kitchen entered the Hartford scene last month, I was really looking forward to trying their fare. The menu featured simple things- fried chicken as the main protein, paired with waffles or biscuits, all available gluten-free. Unfortunately, Nutmeggers are going to have to keep looking. Hearty Kitchen succeeds as a takeout operation and fails as a restaurant.wpid-IMAG1210-1.jpg Continue reading “Hearty Kitchen, West Hartford, CT”

#shop Triple-B Dip and Brown Butter Brownies for Basketball Season

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. Go Huskies! Go Minutemen!

Looking for snack recipes for all of your basketball-watching? Look no further, I have a few recipes that I’ve concocted for the games.This year, both of my alma maters have made it into the NCAA tournament- UMass Amherst and UConn. Go Minuteman Husky! God, that’s a terrifying beast. I’ll be cheering for them both, albeit warily as, like all sports, I have no idea what’s going on. Still, I’ve come up for some snacks for the game for all to enjoy.DSC_8465 Continue reading “#shop Triple-B Dip and Brown Butter Brownies for Basketball Season”