Work With Me


If you’re here, you might be looking for a new, snarky, kind of funky face to represent your product/television show/brand/underground gourmet music label. And hopefully, you’re looking at this face! Here are some ways I’d be happy to work with you and your company:
1. Brand Ambassador/Customized Recipe: If you are looking for a blogger/food personality to represent your brand, I can be your brand/product ambassador. I can even come up with a recipe for your product! Ambassadorship can be through a number of options, some ideas are series of blog posts, tweets, customized recipe, product review, and product giveaway through Twitter and Facebook.

3.  Product reviews: If you have a product, cookbook, appliance, gadget, or app that would fit into Foodette Reviews, shoot me an email. 90% of my site (an entirely made-up statistic) is product reviews and I love writing on (okay, and snarking on) the unique things that are out there.

4. Travel: If you’re putting together a press trip and are in need of coverage, just shoot me a note. I’ll cover your event as a food writer and photographer.  I love sharing my on-the-go eating experiences with my readers- and they love the out-of-the-way recommendations.

5. Company/brand events: Invite me  to attend your event and learn about your product, contest, book launch, or demonstration. I’ll be happy to cover it on my site!

For customized multi-post proposals, I am happy to brainstorm a project that will meet the needs of your brand. 

If any of the above options make you salivate (or if they don’t and you have something entirely different to propose) shoot me an email at and we’ll get some sass into your project.