Two for one: Pot Cookies

Another cooking adventure. Oh, joy. Okay, so I haven’t fallen off the edge completely now, y’hear? However…can someone please send me a baking sheet? Oven mitts? Even a piece of jagged sheet metal from a demolished building that can fit in an oven, for Christ’s sake? And a mixing bowl and spoon, maybe? It’s getting sad.

Very, very, very sad.

So yeah. This post is called pot cookies because technically, I did make them in a pot, and because I’m a sellout and people will love reading about pot cookies because they’ll think I’m a typical college stoner and not an atypical pretentious food critic.


And yes, that’s a pen I mixed with. This is why we can’t have nice things.

So the mixes used, this is a double-header, consisted of a chocolate chip cookie mix, gluten-free, from Doodles Cookies. All organic. And some of what Ina Garten would definitely consider “good” vanilla, in the form of Singing Dog Vanilla from Kestrel Growth brands.

I mixed the cookies, as you can see, and popped them in the oven. The girl in the background couldn’t have been more annoyed that I was cooking in the kitchen while she was trying to have a phone conversation about her boyfriend, GOSH.

Sorry for being so snarky, readers, but I do what has to be done. So, out came the cookies. I had to make them really tiny because I decided to bring them to rehearsal tonight and give them to the cast. And their verdict? The cookies were gone in about twelve seconds. Everyone came up and thanked me. Some select comments…

“Like little balls of joy.”
“Really chocolatey!”
“You can taste so much vanilla. It’s awesome.”
“I love these cookies!”
“Very squishy.”

Nobody knew they were gluten-free, either. So, Kestrel Brands and Doodles Cookies, you have met the seal of approval. Then again, one could say that hungry actors eat everything. Soon, I’ll make another batch of cookies and hopefully do a little foray in the world of crème brûlée. Anyone have a blowtorch I might borrow?


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