Starbucks Moravian Sugar Cookies

Finally, a good treat from Starbucks. The only real problem is that these weren’t homemade, they’re just sold at the counter. These particular cookies are in festive “fall shapes”. So I brought them home, because I’m always a sucker for a good cookie.

Well, took them out of the package. Not many intact “fall shapes” though my roommate swinging the bag at me might have had something to do with that. And there’s really only one shape to speak of, looks like a mildly retarded Canadian might have drawn up the blueprint. Still, festive. They’re packaged in this funky little folding box. I like it. So the cookies themselves are wafer thin and really, really crunchy. They remind me of Anna’s Gingerbread cookies, and I could eat a thousand of those. These are just delicious.

The flavor is more buttery than sugary, and I like that. It reminds me of a nice shortbread without having the characteristically nubby, thick pieces. These are a great snack while on the go or sitting and having some tea. Which I will be doing soon. Because I am super duper sick. Don’t worry, I’ll post tomorrow. 🙂

8/10- LOVELY

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