Kettle Chips Salt and Pepper

I bought these for my friend, Sherlock, because Cape Cod makes their salt and pepper chips with whey. Really? Is it so hard to make a salt and pepper potato chip and not use dairy? But I digress.

So we ate these with hummus while watching a movie, and to be quite honest, they were really not as good as I’d hoped. My standard for salt and pepper chips is Utz or Herr’s, with the crispy thinness and massive application of seasoning. I’ve eaten entire bags of those.

These were just disappointing. Out of ten chips, nine were basically transparent. And these weren’t thin slices, either. These were big, crunchy, stabby pieces of potato chip, and still really greasy and clear! There was no salt flavor to speak of. None at all. There was a light dusting of pepper, but the overwhelming taste was…grease.

I guess the most redeeming quality of these chips was that they will never go stale. I keep thinking I’ll want to eat them, eat some, find that they’re still very crispy, but bland and tasteless, and then put them away for another week. If you like bland, too thick, greasy chips, these are for you. A real miss on the part of Kettle Foods. Take my advice- for your salt and pepper craving, eat Terra or Utz.


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