Crystal Light Strawberry Slurpee

Ah, my first flirt with Slurpees for a long, long time. We had an awesome 7-11 near my high school that I used to frequent for most of my freshman year until it closed down. And now I’m in a town with like, three of them within bus distance. It’s super.

So I went with my friend Death Cake (DC) and we grabbed some. They didn’t have the limited edition Domo Apple Slurpee- yet- so we settled for a recommendation of the Crystal Light Slurpees from the kid at the register. Apparently there are many Crystal Light flavors of Slurpee, including a cherry limeade that I feel like I’d be extremely partial to.

We got little cups, ’cause I’m no pig and in this weather could probably catch pneumonia from a Big Gulp, though there were these crazy Guitar Hero controller shaped cups that could hold like, thirty thousand ounces of Slurpee. Overkill, but awesome. The drink was good. I didn’t expect it to be fizzy, but it was, to the point where it expanded in the cup like cream on milk and rose above the level that I filled it to.

The flavor was tasty, very berry-esque and true to the actual drink, but extremely sour, at times, too sour for my personal preference. It was good. It also melted extremely fast, and half the fun of a Slurpee is that strange, thick texture that we all know and love.

6/10- GOOD

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