Twix PB

I first saw these on a commercial in maybe, 2000, 2001, where a guy took peanut butter and put it in a CD player and instead of screwing up the internal circuitry, the boom box played awesome, legume inspired tunage. I figured they were a limited edition snack and were then gone forever, but lo and behold, I found them in a local convenience store and had to try them.

These are the reincarnation of a far better snack, folks. Yes, I’m referring to the Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup. Probably one of the best Reese’s snacks, it was discontinued in 2000, never to be seen again. But in a more compact form, this is it. It’s got the salty and oddly textured peanut butter that we all love, milk chocolate, and a crunchy cookie base. The cookie itself is an almost bitter chocolate that I like, reminiscent of Nabisco Famous Wafers. It cuts the saccharine sweetness of the chocolate. With normal Twix, I find that the cookie gets soggy with the caramel and doesn’t crisp as much as I’d like it to.

With this bar, you get a lot more peanut butter than I would have expected, which is good. There’s a certain portability that makes this better than the CCC. If Twix keeps this around, I’ll be buying it again. It’s really delicious and excellent for nut and cookie lovers.

Oh, and I’m back to using my own photos again!

9/10- NUTTY

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