Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Sometimes I just need a spicy snack to get me through a long rehearsal. The nice thing about spicy foods is the chemistry behind them. They irritate the trigenimal nerve, which is responsible for facial sensation, and endorphins are them released to help soothe it. So they keep me happy and relatively sedated, especially in times of tension. And they wake my mouth up, too!

So these Cheetos are awesome. The packaging is different from the other bags- Chester has flames shooting out of his mouth, and there’s a little Element flame critter running across the bag. As far as taste goes, these are like the crunchy reincarnation of Frank’s Hot Sauce. They’re a nuclear orange color. They’re still crunchy and, oddly enough, have about 1/3 of the residue that normal Cheetos have. There might be more oil, but less powder. I’m not sure why aside from that, but it sure is nice.

Taste-wise, these are mild. At first. Eat one or two, you’ll get a tiny burn, but keep eating them, which you will do, as they are addictive, and you’ll get a full-on burn in the back of your throat, front of your mouth- everywhere. There’s no cheesy flavor. No barbecue. Just pure hot, and it’s awesome. There’s a slight aftertaste of lemon or lime, or something like that, which leads me to believe that Cheetos Limon might have just been these, or the other way around. Awesome, awesome, awesome- but potentially too hot for some.


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