Bruno’s Pizza, Amherst, MA

I’m doing two posts today because I missed out on yesterday and Friday, and, well, because you deserve it! I’ve been in a show all weekend, and after the shows I either go home and sleep or hang out with some friends. Friday night, I went back to the dorm and ordered a party pizza with some awesome friends from my dorm, Kottke, Woot, and C.

It was from Bruno’s, a local college pizza staple. Amherst has some really excellent pizza places. Bruno’s might not be my first choice for taste and variety, but it delivers a really excellent and solid cheese pizza.

For $20, this is a really excellent deal. The pizza is extremely large- I’m not entirely sure how big, because the menu doesn’t say, but it’s quite large. It’s cut into 24 pieces, so, six per person for our little party. The pizza’s crust is good- it’s not too thick or doughy, and it’s cooked well, with a nice cornmeal crunch on the bottom and no mushy patches of uneven dough. The pizza is cut into squares instead of slices, so the corner pieces have a much higher ratio of crust and that sometimes gets overwhelming. On the converse, the middle pieces are sometimes very messy.

The sauce is not bad. It’s one of those sweet pizza sauces, a little too sugary for my liking, and sometimes runny, but not bad. The cheese was also good and toasty, but spotty in places, and there were some areas when I had parts of just bread and sauce, which is a little strange. It wasn’t at all greasy, either.

Overall, I like Bruno’s. It’s a fun pizza to gulp down while hanging out with friends. It’s no gourmet, but it’s the experience of a massive pizza thing that’s half the fun.

7/10- GOOD

Bruno’s Pizza
363 Main St.
Amherst, MA, 01003

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