Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. To be fair, I ate this coming home in the bus station, waiting for the ride back to town. And now I’m reviewing it today. It’s a favorite. Sandwiches are hard for me, because I’m really picky. I don’t eat beef unless it’s in tacos, and I think that vegetables, unless they are potatoes, do not belong in a sandwich. I’m a fan of massive, delicious ‘wiches, and just don’t like to settle.

So I got this in a fit of hunger and desperation, and also because I was so tired of seeing people order freakishly disgusting sandwiches. Tuna fish, pepperoni, and honey mustard? Really? I had my sandwich made on Italian Herbs and Cheese, chicken, the sweet onion sauce, and monterey jack cheese.

I get so flustered when I want to make a sandwich without a previous plan, simply due to the number of permutations I can get. Anyone else have this problem? It’s one thing to go somewhere and get a chicken sandwich, but it’s another to customize it. I digress, though.

The bread was a little too crispy for my liking, and when the woman made the sandwich, the amount of chicken looked really disproportionate to the amount of bread, despite the fact that she put two trays on. I should have asked for double chicken, but I really didn’t want to spend too much money. I’d say that out of the twelve inches of the sandwich, I got chicken in all but 1.5 inches total, which was very good.

The cheese was barely noticeable. If I hadn’t ordered it myself and known that it was there, I might not have noticed. It was a shame, because I ordered the monterey jack for a little more flavor. The chicken was nice and tender, unremarkable, but flavorful and had a good chew to it. And the sauce was just disappointing. I tasted teriyaki. I tasted salt and sweet. But I tasted no onion. It was like bathing my chicken in a flavorful syrup and soy sauce mixture. It was a shame. I ate the sandwich, but it just wasn’t to my likings as far as a homemade sandwich goes. For that, I require something a little more carefully made, although I do appreciate Subway’s range of sauces.


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