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It’s a rainy day, and I walk in to find a large box of Idaho potatoes by the couch- but wait! They’re not Idaho potatoes! They’re chips! Chips in boxes!

The Spudmaster potato chips are a breed unto their own. For starters, they have a sexy potato logo on the front, they come in boxes, and they’re massive and extremely crunchy. Roomba and I set into them immediately.

The first one we tried was the “Shazam” flavor, which was like a combination of barbecue flavoring and a heat that warmed up and then burnt a little. It was good! The chips are huge. Heed my warnings, children. A few of these chips topped six inches, and none were really under two or three. Each chip was crunchy, to the point of where Roomba took off her headphones and just stared at me crunching for a few minutes.

The flavoring doesn’t overwhelm the potato flavor, which is good. Instead, it compliments it and brings out some of the starchier, meatier potato flavors that are often missed with a chip that is too flavorful.

7/10- YUMMY

The “no salt added” chips worried me, because I genuinely enjoy a little salt with my taters. Unfortunately, when you take away the salt, you’re left with the potato flavor and the flavor of the cooking oil, and because cooking oil is still left, you get a bit of a greasy flavor.

We agreed that these chips would be great for dipping, because there’s no interfering flavors to contend with the dip, but that on their own, they’re not as impressive as we’d have liked. The richness of the potato flavor is just bogged down by the oily taste and sheen left in your mouth afterwards. As always, the chips are still massive, in the best possible way.

4/10- OKAY

The last chip was the “original” flavor. I was really surprised to try these because I usually associate the original flavor with a plain salt chip. Instead, these had a really subtle undertone of garlic, onion, paprika, and more, that made us keep eating and eating them. They were excellent!

These chips, like the Shazam flavor, also brought out the best qualities of the potato. There was a creamy, oniony taste that made us think of a loaded baked potato. Overall, these are great! The flavored versions are a lot less greasy, too.


Overall, these are really fun, wiggly chips for a barbecue or family gathering. I wouldn’t recommend them for on-the-go snacking, as they attract a good deal of attention and with the box, are somewhat unwieldy. But they’re tasty!

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