Random Candy Reviews…

I snuck some pieces of candy from my sister’s leftover Halloween stash and figured I’d review them all for you. IT WILL BE FUN.

So the first thing I tried intrigued me and scared me at the same time. It was a chocolate golf ball wrapped in golf-like foil. It was pretty big and of a nice size and weight for a no-name chocolate. And the chocolate even had little golf ball dimples! Really cute. Gotta say, I’m a sucker for candies that smile and have cute things on them.

But this wasn’t just cute foil and dimples. The chocolate was about 1/4 inch thick all around and was a smooth, not too sugary chocolate, almost like See’s. I checked the See’s website and saw nothing about golf balls, though. Still, a really tasty and fun treat!

8/10- LOVELY

The next snack was a mini pack of Black Forest gummi bears. I’ve had good treats like this, and figured I’d enjoy these as I’ve enjoyed the gummi worms in the past. But these were way too chewy for my taste, almost rubbery, and really bothered my teeth. They were very bouncy, but like all foods, I like my gummies to have a little give to them! The flavors were decent, five of them, but out of all, I liked the orange the best.

Don’t quite know what happened to these. I’m not pleased with the overall taste of them or the texture, and wish that they were more akin to Albanese or Haribo.

4/10- BAD

The last candy was actually a gum that I’d been wanting to try, Trident Layers. I’d heard some mixed reviews from them, but figured that the best time to try them was “on the job,” in this case, rushing to class without brushing my teeth. Big mistake. I got a tiny bit of strawberry first, and then a big, acidic wave of pineapple. And then the pineapple went away and left a nice strawberry flavor, smooth texture, not gritty, for about 45 minutes. Weird gum.

The pineapple part is also jelly-like in the middle, and it’s damned strange. I don’t like gum that resembles a dessert. The pieces are big, and quite wide for gum, though. I don’t know. I’m ambivalent. I don’t feel like there was enough overall pineapple to merit the combination, and also don’t feel like the strawberry was tasty enough to consider eating a whole pack of.

3/10- EH.

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