Goetze’s Caramel Apple Cow Tale

I know it’s a little late for fall favorites, but figured this would still delight you all. I’ve always had a fascination with Bullseyes and Cowtales, because of how they’re described as a “fondant” wrapped around caramel. If that white magic is fondant, I’d crash more weddings. It’s delicious. The candies are oft overlooked, but have still remained a tasty classic for children and adults everywhere.

I also have some good news, unrelated to this review, but still good, nonetheless. As you can see, I am using a new rating graphic, with colorful candies, and have eliminated the precursory adjective from the system altogether.

The Caramel Apple Tale has the same slightly stale, yet chewy bite that the regular Cow Tale has, with the powdered sugar on the outside to keep it from sticking to the package. I always thought that was genius. But the filling is intense, a red, sticky sour apple flavor. I’m not too sure it translated as well to fondant as the original flavor does. It seemed a little too sticky on my teeth, and the flavor really overpowered the caramel.

That being said, it was a rather original design, which I liked, and the flavor was good. I just wish there was a better balance between the two flavors.

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