CVS Gold Emblem Snacks for the Super Bowl

A quick reminder before the big game- CVS has plenty of awesome snacks for you to try, whether you’re picking up late-night Advil or early morning Gatorade. Depends on how your night goes.

Regardless, check out this football helmet full of goodies from their Gold Emblem collection. As a dedicated anti-sport hermit, I have been snacking on their chocolate-covered cashews while watching British documentaries about Japanese call boys on Netflix.

In any case, whether you’re posing blindfolded in an ornamental football helmet and taking creepy selfies alone in the dark or actually watching the Super Bowl, CVS and their Gold Emblem collection has snacks for you and your cadre of diverse friends.

I mean, just look at those gummies. Look at them and tell me you’re not hungry. Happy Super Bowl! May [insert your favorite team here] win, because I am loyal to none.

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