BK Breakfast Shots

Dillinger and I do our delightful and obnoxious early-morning breakfast run, and if we have time after one fast-food restaurant, we sometimes go to two. This was the case on Monday when I rolled into town and picked him up for early-morning shenanigans. We grabbed our signature McGriddles and decided that we were still hungry, so drove to Burger King and tried two flavors of their breakfast shots, in sausage and bacon, along with cheesy tots, to finish off our winter binge.
The breakfast shots are relatively adorable. They come in a two or a four pack, and are deceptively small. Eating them makes you want to power them down, as though you’re in a one-man competitive eating contest and if you can’t eat four of the midget burgers, you are not a man and should be castrated. Thus, you must eat them all. So that was pretty much what we did, sandwiching the ‘tots in between the sandwiches when we felt like it.

The sausage shots were preferred over the bacon shots, by far. The bread was very cushy and pillowy on both, and rather mushy when we were trying to separate the sandwiches so we could each have some, instead of attacking it like a giant meta-shot. The cheese on these was half-melted and was sharp and tasty. Both of us enjoyed this, but weren’t able to detect any of the cheese sauce that was also supposedly used.
The egg, though visually unappealing, is all right. It’s neither disgusting nor the best egg I’ve ever had. That award goes to my own method of cooking eggs. The sausage breakfast shot was very flavorful and reminded me of the McGriddle, with the sausage taste really dominating, whereas with the bacon shot, the meat played a very mid-level role compared to the egg and cheese taste.
Overall, these are decent little breakfast sandwiches, and with the cheesy tots in the middle, are quite filling. I was pleased with the caliber of them after powering through four, though I can’t say that the quality overwhelmed me. The difference in texture wasn’t varied enough for me, everything was just soft- nothing was crispy or toasted, except when we shoved in the tots. But not bad. Certainly not awful. Mid-level. It will take a lot to reach the level of the McGriddle. It will take a lot.
As for the cheesy tots, Dillinger and I also enjoyed them a lot. They were scalding at first, but really, what’s not to love about small, circular potato rounds filled with cheese sauce? And the cheese isn’t overpowering. It’s nice, a smooth cheese flavor that goes well with the potato’s crisp, and the cheese’s gooiness makes for a nice contrast.

Sometimes the greasiness gets in the way of the overall flavor, which can be a tad on the subtle side, but then I step back and remind myself that this is fast food, and will always be rather greasy. Oh well. Still delicious.

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