Ghirardelli Peanut Butter Squares

‘Tis the season for candy dishes to be filled, and even moreso for the fancy candy to be broken out of the bags. I have more fancy candy to be reviewed, I got a nice box, just in time for Christmas, from Chocomize, more on that later, but for tonight, I have a new treat from Ghirardelli, their new peanut butter filled squares.

These weren’t horrible at all. However, the good Ghirardelli chocolate didn’t go as well with the peanut butter as well as I’d thought. The peanut butter had the distinguishing, and I don’t mean that in a good way, characteristic of being smooth, tasting burnt, and having floral notes while remaining sticky sweet at the same time. Everything blended together in a sugary lump instead of mingling, while still remaining separate as distinct and delicious flavors. It was a singular experience that I don’t wish to repeat. All, mind you, on top of the very sweet, vaguely bland, and not remotely complex Ghirardelli milk chocolate, which, while good, isn’t as top of the line as I’d like it to be.

Overall, one square of these is enough if you’re looking for a small treat. The nuttiness is existent, but certainly doesn’t compare to other nutty treats, but I wouldn’t hoard these over Christmas cookies, cheese and crackers, cakes, or other goodies.

More tomorrow! And let me prematurely wish you all a very merry Christmas.

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