Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark

Hello, hello, hello, and to all, a Merry Christmas!

Dinner is over, almost everyone is long since in bed, and I’m up, scheming and dreaming away, and eating delicious peppermint bark from Williams-Sonoma, a gift from Dr. D’s mother-in-law.

I do love Williams-Sonoma, and all of their products are quite high end. The packaging is always really adorable, too. This one was a play on the word “bark,” and had a little dalmatian running across the box. They always do vintage-inspired advertisements, really classic stuff. I hear their croissants are killer, and though I’ve never tried them, I’d love to sometime.

So this peppermint bark came in a lovely abundance, with peppermint stick pieces studded throughout the candy, which was about 1/6th of an inch thick, half dark chocolate, half white chocolate. It was quite tasty. However, I wish there was a more milky, high-quality to it like most of the WS products that I’m used to. It was chalky, and the chocolate flavors weren’t as pronounced as I’d have liked. The bite was nice and it snapped audibly. The dark chocolate was extremely bland and had no external notes or undertones and such, and wasn’t even very chocolatey. In fact, the only real flavors I got were the milky vagueness from the white chocolate and slight waxiness and the crunch and mintiness of the peppermint candy.

An epic fail, but a lovely Christmas. Cheers to all!

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