Cheesecakes from Junior’s

Today I have two cheesecakes for review, brought from the Junior’s at Foxwood’s. My mother’s husband’s mother, Maryanne, bought them when she came up for an early dinner today. We ate them for dessert just now and they were quite tasty.

The first cheesecake was a raspberry swirl, and it was tasty. It was actually a little too jellified for me. I didn’t like how the raspberry jam separated from the cheesecake like oil from water, and didn’t mix well, but it was still tasty. The jam was sweet and not tart, and there were no seeds to get stuck in my teeth. It was rich enough so that even a small sliver satisfied me enough, and the creaminess was rich and not artificial. Overall, really tasty, despite the strange texture.The next cheesecake was really expert-made. I loved that it was festive and had a little ribbon around its stout base, too. What I think I enjoyed most about this cheesecake was that the layers of this were different flavors and textures/consistencies of cheesecake, but still maintained the essence of eating a cheesecake.
There was a coffee liqueur soaked bottom cake layer, a fluffy, mascarpone cappuccino cheesecake layer, a layer of tiramisu cream, a thin section of chiffon cake, another layer of tiramisu cream, and then a dusting of cocoa powder, coffee powder, and whipped cream. It was delicious, and the mixture of all the flavors and textures was amazing. I really enjoyed this. The coffee flavor was subtle, and since coffee is one of the flavors I’m sort of on the fence about loving or hating, it was really good to not get hit with it too heavily.

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