Reese’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Saw these today while picking up a clip-on lamp and decided to give them a go. These have been around for a while, it seems. I’m not sure if they’re still from the Dark Knight or not, but here they are and here I am.

The dark chocolate is nice. It’s woodsy, and carries a really deep, textured flavor, with a hugely cinnamony and nutty flavor, really full and good, but has a waxy coating at the end, possibly from the milk-fats in the ingredients that turned me off and stopped me from eating the other peanut butter cup. The percentage of cocoa is not so much that it doesn’t melt, rather, it melts extremely easily.

One aspect of this candy that I enjoyed was the congruence and textural balance of the peanut butter. Its thickness and chunks and the saltiness made it really tasty to eat alongside the dark chocolate, whereas sometimes the milk chocolate peanut butter cups are a little too sweet. The dark chocolate cut it and brought out the flavors of the peanut butter that might have otherwise been minimized in the regular peanut butter cup. This candy was really great.

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