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Nick from Chocomize let me pick my own chocolate bars to customize and review, and with all the selections, how could I not? So I designed three of them for your perusal and tasted them all, some with mixed reviews, some with not. And on with the show!
I was allowed three, and all are very hefty bars, I might add. I picked one of each base. My first was a milk chocolate base, and I wanted to create the ultimate, crazy Foodette bar, so I made it with Oreo pieces, peanut butter drops, toffee, bacon bits, and 23 karat gold flakes, for the extra decadence. When you make a bar, you’re allowed up to five toppings per bar, and it really doesn’t get overwhelming. My bar’s toppings were amply spaced out and no one topping was clumped in a specific area. The milk chocolate was great, too. It snapped audibly when I broke the bar in two and had a milky, creamy flavor, with a fantastic taste, like a Cadbury bar.

The toppings were fresh and also good. If I had any complaint about this bar, it was that the toffee element was really lost. I got the peanut butter element just fine. The bacon was chewy and smoky and perfect, and provided a wonderful depth and juxtaposition with the chocolate, and the Oreo was crunchy and gave a different flavor of chocolate and dryness to the bar, and the gold was a great garnish, but I didn’t get the toffee’s buttery flavor that I was hoping to round it out. It was still great, though!The next bar was a dark chocolate bar base. When I made it, I was trying to think of elements that would compliment the dark chocolate and bring out some of its flavors, so I ended up topping it with hazelnuts, sea salt, poppy seeds, butterscotch, and crunchy almond croquant. Okay, so I’m a little misguided. None of that can be faulted by Chocomize, though, mainly by my own personal whim and pressure at seeing all the goodies to top on my bar! Chocomize’s dark chocolate is another good bar, again, a snappy chocolate. It crumbled a little when I bit into it, but the flavor was creamy and smoky and had undertones of licorice in it. It was good, and held up to the toppings well. Some of the hazelnuts fell off of it.

The sea salt was ample on it, almost to a too sharp degree, and the poppy seeds added a nice crunch to the bar. The butterscotch might have been too sweet for my personal tastes, and the almond croquant was a good addition, it made it buttery and nutty and complimented the poppy seeds. The textural component was really interesting, overall.The last bar was, surprisingly, my favorite, because like Gigi from Gigi Reviews, I’m not as abhorrent about white chocolate, but it’s really not my first choice. However, in picking ingredients that went well with white chocolate, Middle Eastern toppings, I picked a winner and found a combination that makes even white chocolate haters turn their noses towards this bar. The bar has sesame seeds, coconut flakes, hot curry powder, and crystallized mint leaves on it. The white chocolate itself was creamy and tangy, like a good yogurt, with a milky taste, much like its predecessors to it. I will say, even without the toppings, Chocomize makes a damned good chocolate. In this bar, the sesame seeds and curry were the predominant flavor, followed closely by the mint leaves, which provided a really nice cooling and sugary burst of flavor.

If I could have picked another element to add, it would have been ginger, though that might have conflicted with another hot element. The coconut added more crunch and was a creamy taste and buttery notion to bring to the heat of the curry. This was easily my favorite.

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  1. I’ve read a few reviews on Chocri, the german company that lets you customize your own chocolate bar, and thought the idea was terrific. This company seems like an even better option, as the price is lower and the selection for toppings is larger. I’m glad you got to try these so you could clue us all in to this company.

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