Glee Gum

Molly from Verve, Inc. sent me all sorts of flavors of Glee Gum, which I chomped on all throughout my first semester. The flavors were all really ingenius and tasty, and the gum is all natural.
I tried the cinnamon and mint varieties first, and while they were strong and natural-tasting, so I got a nice burst of mint, I did notice that the gum tended to lose its flavor easily. A remediable issue, because all I had to do was pop another piece! The tangerine and berry flavors followed a similar suit, though they had more of a sugary flavor to them, and a weaker fruit taste. The gum had a great and crispy shell around it and a nice chew, too. I didn’t find that the gum, unlike other gum, was sticky or too chewy or made my jaw pop.

If I had a favorite gum out of the Glee line, though, it would have to be the Wee Glee. These were adorable pieces of baby gum in all different flavors, much like Chiclets. It had four flavors in the box, which fit easily in my leather jacket’s pocket, and each flavor was tasty separate, or mixed together. The only one that didn’t really agree with me was the triple berry flavor, which I found to be a little too artificial tasting, despite not actually being artificial. I loved the banana, though. I’d have an entire Foodette Glee gum made of just banana if I could.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the show Glee, if you’re still using terms like “glee,” in a Glee club, a fan of natural gum, or if you go bananas for delicious treats, try this. This gum was fun and tasty and a sweet kick-back to retro stylings.

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