Kettle Chips Fully Loaded Baked Potato

Kettle Brand came out with a new flavor of potato chip this year, that, oddly enough, I had a small part in helping create. It’s a small world. So when I saw them in the stores with Erik, it was necessary that we try them. I do believe there’s also a sample bag coming to me as thanks for helping create, too.

So these chips boast a plethora of flavors, with chives, cheddar cheese, garlic, sour cream, and bacon flavor, and they really do taste like potato skins. The best part is that the flavor really works with the potato, because the entire idea works around the fact that the base itself is a potato, so the idea translated well to a portable snack. The amount of seasoning varied from chip to chip, and I preferred it when there was more sour cream flavoring, but overall, they are really excellent.

Another point to note on is that the chips are extremely crunchy and carry a fantastically earthy and buttery potato flavor that doesn’t get lost amidst the flavoring. The crunch is incredible, and many of the chips are large and unbroken in the bag. Any criticisms is that each bag, a paltry 5 oz, was $3 at our local grocery. Eeeek! Still, this is a huge winner from Kettle Brand.

Oh, and apparently Photo Booth takes photos backwards. Boo.

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