Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger

Being a student on a budget, sometimes I have to make substitutes. Some days, I want filet mignon, but I’m usually broke, so that generally results in me reheating a leftover steak burrito and shaking pepper on it. Some days, I want Baked Alaska, so I shake some rubbing alcohol over Cool Whip and take a lighter to it. It ain’t pretty. But I ain’t rich.

All kidding aside, I’m generally not a fan of beef, so when I have a craving for greasy fast food that a cheeseburger can only satisfy, and I have only a vending machine at my disposal, I have to get creative. Luckily, these new Doritos are here to help. I saw them at the convenience store today and had to try them. Although these are remarkably similar to the secret flavored X-13D Doritos that were out a few years back, these are much tastier. There’s less of a pickled flavor to these, and much more of a beefy, meaty flavor, a much more flavorful and savory, salty taste.

Although the corn base is quite prevalent, it’s definitely noticeable that these are burger flavor chips. There’s a great smoky flavor and a cheesy powder on these, and a mustard and onion, too. I didn’t notice as much cheese, so these are more “hamburger” than cheeseburger, in my opinion. However, they’re damned addictive. Be careful of that. What’s next from the late night section? Doritos already did buffalo wings, but they’re liable to bring that back for their Late Night selection. Loaded nachos? Loaded potato skins? Chicken sandwich? Cheesecake laced with a massive hangover? Pepto-Bismol and Chaser Collisions?

And more importantly, how drunk do you have to be to come up with a name as awkward as Late Night All Nighter? Chrissake.

One thought on “Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger”

  1. Good review- yes, these are a “good” substiute for a hamburger, I think! They are marginally healthier than a real cheeseburger and much more convienient as well!

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