Cadbury Creme Egg

A while back, I reviewed the Cadbury Twisted Creme Bar, and though this isn’t traditional Valentine’s fare, actually, more Easter fare, I had to show you my new photo equipment! I built a lightbox last night and tried it out today, so from now on, all photos you’ll see on Foodette will be a product of this little toy! Very cheap and easy to make!
So the Cadbury egg is a quintessential treat around springtime. The stores are rolling them out now, even before Valentine’s Day, along with the Cadbury mini eggs, to ensure that we’re all aware that April is coming, and SOON.
The egg’s shell and fondant were a lot thicker than I thought. They’re actually a lot thicker than the bar’s were, too, come to think of it. It’s more of a creme than a liquidy goo, which is nice, and the creme isn’t grainy or sticky to the touch. It’s not fluffy like a buttercreme, though. It’s very smooth and flavorful, a light vanilla taste and aroma that blends with and doesn’t detract from the chocolate itself, which is standard Cadbury fare- a rich and creamy, slightly sour, dairy heavy milk chocolate. A very good treat, but so sugary. I love them so, but once a year is fine enough for me. There’s a reason why these are seasonal, and it’s because it’s easier to eat frosting out of the can or inject it intravenously.
Thr egg is also extremely substantial and can be lobbed like a small grenade. I think that the chocolate to fondant ratio is fine for the egg. You’ll see in one of the photos, the shell was rather tough to cut through to expose the fondant inside. And, as always, the yolk is ever so lovely and yellow.

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