Giveaway: 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars!

Dear readers,

I have a giveaway for you! Spring has finally sprung in Western Massachusetts, and I am so freaking excited that I am giving away something awesome. Mars has sent me an entire case of 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars, 24 of them, and I am giving away 12 gift packages of them, with two bars in each, to 12 lucky readers.I have something very exciting coming down the pike with 3 Musketeers and I’m working with their team for another giveaway, so this is just a small taste (literally, ha ha) of what’s coming in the near future!
Here are the rules!

All I want YOU to do is comment and tell me what your favorite candy as a child was (or is, if you’re a kid now) I want stories, people!

One entry per person.

No entries after Monday, March 1st, 12:00 AM.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced the Tuesday after!

Happy contesting!


13 thoughts on “Giveaway: 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars!”

  1. My favorite was always Nestle Crisp bars. I remember feeling so grown up when I was finally old enough to walk to 7-11 that was a few blocks from my house to buy one. I’m not a big fan of them now, but I have to have one every now and then. Just for the memories.

  2. Banana Laffy Taffy! It made me a rich little kid. WHen I wanted to cash in on the tooth fairy funds I’d bust out my stash of banana taffy. And as a bonus it tasted delicious.

  3. Reese’s Pieces have always been and always will be my favorite. They combined my three favorite foods as a child: peanut butter, food coloring, and pure sugar. I gave up popcorn when I went to the movies so that my mother would pay for a bag of these, and the habit has stuck with me ever since.

  4. These new Truffle Crisp bars are FANTASTIC! My current favorite (American) candy bar. As a child, I loved Milky Way bars. I would trade the rest of my Halloween stash with the neighbor kids for their Milky Ways. I think the going rate was about 12 Smarties/Tootsie Rolls/SweetTarts per Milky Way.

  5. My favorite chocolate bar would have to be a Mallo Cup. Every time I would go to my grandparents house, my grandpa would split one with me and this continued on until he passed away. Everytime I seen a Mallo Cup it makes me smile because I think of my grandpa 🙂

  6. Can you consider Little Debbies candy? What about the Nutty Buddy Bar? I mean It’s shaped like a candy bar. And they’re SO good when you freeze them. I always looked forward to our summer vacation when I was a kid because it was the only time when we could really sneak as many little debbies as we wanted. All you can eat sugar rush. It wasn’t till years later that I learned how exponentially better Nutty Buddy bars were upon entering their semi frozen state. I’ve never gone back.

    But, if we’re talking “candy” I guess my favorite was Butterfinger Bars. I don’t know what it is about them, but they rock. Always have always will.

  7. My favorite was always Twix! Lots of delicious caramel and that sweet milk chocolate. Yum! Still my favorite today, though I hate those stupid commercials.

    Melissa (

  8. I can’t decide on a number one favorite but I’m going to go with Twizzlers. They just about have it all: perfectly chewy texture, never messy, long-lasting (if you suck on them!). Plus I love how you can bite off the ends and use it as a straw. A couple weeks ago, I saw an opera with my parents, and it was appallingly boring. I spent the first act (of four) pondering what would make it bearable. I decided twizzlers would fix everything. My mom bought me a bag at intermission, and I slowly, slowly devoured them through the remaining acts. With twizzlers at hand, I managed to enjoy the rest of the show. Twizzlers, I send my thanks.


  9. Hi Jess. As a child, I loved anything and everything sweet and sour. I especially loved blue raspberry sour punch straws, which led to a summer full of cavities ad fillings. My current candy vices are Trolli Sour Gummi Worms ($0.97+tax at Walmart) and the primary cause of my weight gain in college, Butterfingers. I could eat two bags of fun-sized Butterfingers in three days if I really took my time. I have an addiction and my boyfriend enables me by buying me more and more almost every time I see him. (Best boyfriend ever.)

  10. Ever since I was little, up until now Reeses peanut butter cups have been my favorite, along with reeses pieces. Basically anything Reeses. I remember watching ET when I was younger, and my favorite part was when Eliott led ET into his house by the reeses pieces. So it definitley connects to my childhood. For the Reeses peanut butter cups,I just love how they melt in your mouth, and they are smooth, and peanut buttery. Peanut butter is so yummy, along with chocolate, so putting them together=AMAZING!


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