Denny’s Grand Slamwich (And Cherry Limeade)

Last night, I went with some friends to Denny’s as a late-night treat before an exam, so I decided to split a Grand Slamwich and a Cherry Limeade. I’d never been to Denny’s before, so this was quite an experience for me.I liked Denny’s range of menu items, but I wish their taste in music was better. Honestly, I would have ordered their late night selection if it wasn’t for their silly names, like the “Hooburrito” and “Jewel’s Acoustic Smoked Chicken Quesadilla”. So we decided to get the Grand Slamwich and split it, along with a cherry limeade, because any place with a cherry limeade must be ordered.

So while waiting, we had the cherry limeade. It wasn’t bad, it was just a little too much Sprite. And I don’t know if the Sprite was supposed to constitute the “lime” of the limeade, but I think that was a bit of a cop out. It wasn’t very evenly mixed, and tasted like a bad Shirley Temple instead of a good cherry limeade, even after squeezing the lemon and lime into the juice.The sandwich arrived, and it was impressive.With three meats- sausage, ham, bacon, two spreads- mayo and maple spice on top, and scrambled egg with cheese, it looks pretty appetizing. Like a gourmet McGriddle, with hash browns, too, nonetheless. Half a sandwich was definitely an ample portion for both myself and Erik, as it was very big. With the hash browns, you could down an elephant for a reasonable price. I salted and peppered the hash browns and ate. The hash browns were crispy and golden on top, which always makes me happy, and were tasty. Nothing to write home about, but they were tender and were a lovely compliment to the sandwich.
The sandwich itself was a massive disappointment. It’s not that it was bad, or anything, but I was really underwhelmed and unimpressed. For something that touts so many ingredients, I’d never tasted something with so little flavor. I mean, really, you’d think that with all the frying and sweetness and salty balance, there would have been flavor, but my overall impression was boring. It was a boring sandwich with exciting ingredients, and that was just a pity. Even after salting and peppering it, it was boring. There was not enough maple spice spread and sweetness, and I’d have liked some extra maple flavor, overall. The sandwich was quite moist and the eggs were perfectly cooked, though. I didn’t find that any of the particular ingredients were very noticeable or extraordinary, though, and for a sandwich connoisseur, what a shame that is.

Make your own sandwich. It might not look as pretty as the Grand Slamwich, but it’ll probably taste better. Any crazy late-night, greasy spoons in your area? (Or even a Denny’s?)

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