Askinosie Soconusco 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

I got a package from Askinosie Chocolates today, with five of their best bars, and I’m kicking off the reviews with a 75% dark chocolate bar using a bean from Mexico. It’s a single origin bean, and goes straight to the bar. The packaging is adorable and looks like a brown paper back and is made from all biodegradable and sustainable sources as well. Plus, it’s very catchy and “secret mission- chocolate” looking. I love it. This would definitely catch my eye in a store.The bar itself is separated into fifteen squares spelling out “Askinosie Chocolate,” and damn, if I don’t want to play Scrabble with those! It’s a very long, thin bar, and I like the separation into smaller squares as opposed to larger pieces.The first thing I smelled, all over my hands, when I took this out of the bag was Anaheim chiles. And I said that, to nobody in particular. “Anaheim chiles.” I looked insane. And that’s also the first thing you taste. A burst of spice, a very distinct pop, and then the bar mellows out. It’s a slow melt to this one, but after the pop, the heat lingers a little. It’s interesting, because this isn’t a bar that particularly features or even contains chiles, but just the way that it was cultivated made it contain those notes fascinates me. It finishes off with that quintessential and wonderful dark chocolate bitter end that “DC” aficionados lust for, the climax that leaves you begging for more. It’s bitter, but mingles enough with the sugar to not leave a sour, milky edge on your tongue.
Anyhow, that heat stays with you during the entire bar, but up in the front of your mouth, there is a veritable smooth party. No Parisian cafes were harmed in the making of this bar, but they came pretty damned close. There are creamy, coffee flavors, reminding me of a nice dark roast, and the texture is sublime. There’s no grittiness to speak of, and the sweetness and bitter mingle together perfectly.

I am so excited to try the other bars! This could make me more of a dark chocolate accolade yet. Any dark chocolate lovers here?

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