Capri Chocolate Goat Cheese

Recently, I was sent some goat cheese from Westfield Farm, in Westfield, Massachusetts, including chocolate goat cheese. I’d tried this at a tasting at Whole Foods and fell in love, and when I was sent a log of it, couldn’t wait to try it with a small recipe.The cheese is very soft, and has the texture of a nice cream cheese. It’s firm, but melts very quickly and would make a fantastic fondue. The flavor, like most goat cheeses, is slightly chalky, but slowly goes away when the chocolate, a rich Dutch milk, comes through. It’s a very milky, very creamy and succulent flavor that really gets down deep into the taste buds. There’s a buttery flavor in the cheese that adds a hint of salt, and overall, makes it wonderful.
I feel like this cheese isn’t like regular goat cheeses in that it’s also really versatile- I could spread it on a bagel. I could make it into a frosting, or whip it into a cheesecake filling. I feel like it lends itself to a whole lot more variations of cooking simply based on its flavor depth, which makes it that much more awesome.With this little recipe, we made canapes with shortbread and strawberries, and the flavors mingled together well. The strawberries cut out a lot of the chalkiness from just tasting the goat cheese alone, and the crumbliness of the shortbread made it really wonderful. I loved this recipe, and I loooooooooved this goat cheese. It’s like the best sex ever, on top of the Moon.

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