The Vitamin Water Challenge, Part 1: Dragonfruit

I recently got some Kirkland Signature vitamin-enhanced beverages (shhh! The feds are always watching!), and was curious as to how they duked up to the regular Vitamin Waters in a taste test. There were four flavors, each corresponding to the Vitamin Water equivalent. I wonder if there will be more, too, for the new flavors?Today’s challenge is sort of a Snackdown, I guess, for the “dragonfruit” flavor. I chilled both drinks for a few hours in the fridge, and then took them out and did my tests. Drink A is very pink in color, much brighter of a color than drink B, and has a very tart flavor, with a slightly bitter edge to it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and falls somewhere in between the Hint waters, where you can barely taste the fruit, and juice. It’s right in the middle, and provides a nice moderation.Drink B is a tepid pink color, and tastes sweet. I don’t really taste dragonfruit unless I taste a big gulp of it, and it’s got less complexities than the other one. It’s mainly sweet, but I can get the idea of it. There’s a different sweetness to this one, where drink A was getting a fresh, sweet flavor, this one is mainly sugary and a little more watery. For some reason, I also got a cane sugar flavor in it, too, but that might just be wishful thinking.Drink A, as you might have guessed, was Vitamin Water Power C, and drink B was the Kirkland Signature brand. Though I’m generally one to defend the little guy, Vitamin Water has it down quite well. Here’s an interesting fact, though. The flavor, though top notch, is no match for the vitamins in KS’s water. For all the health and wellness Vitamin Water promotes, there’s 150 calories in the bottle and plenty of sugar, but Kirkland Signature has none at all. The winrar is Vitamin Wataaaar.WINNER: VITAMIN WATER

We’ll see how the next few rounds go.

What would you do? Also, here’s an extremely asinine article about how phallic Gatorade and Vitamin Water bottles are. Latent daddy issues, anyone? I see no resemblance other than it’s a freaking drink bottle. Jesus.

So, readers, do you see the peen? And what do you think of Vitamin Waters, anyhow? I’m personally addicted. Got the ass barcode and everything.

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