Maine Root Blueberry Soda

While cooking dinner with a friend of mine, Pengu, a few nights ago, she pulled out a surprise for me- some strange soda she’d found at the supermarket, and she said, who better to share it with than a foodie? We decided to do a taste test of it with dinner and post our findings with today’s review. (No lightbox, this was at her house!)Both of us agreed that the soda was very tasty, which is quite a rare find in most blueberry flavored confections. Usually, it’s overlooked as a flavor entirely, or so artificially mimicked that the flavor is lost, and it just tastes icky. However, this flavor was deep and rich, but the texture of the soda was lighter, like a seltzer, and didn’t have any of the corn syrup to bog it down.The bubbles were big in this one, and with the other soda we had that night, we noticed that this one was much less subtle. The flavor was intense without being heavy on the palate, and it carried the natural, earthy flavors of blueberry along with a little cane sugar to balance it out. It was a great tasting drink that we both agreed was a keeper for future dinner parties! What’s the most unusual soda you’ve ever tried? (For me, it’s that tofurkey and gravy Jones!)

2 thoughts on “Maine Root Blueberry Soda”

  1. The Blueberry Soda sounds good. Funny as it is, I like blueberry flavored things, but am not a fan of fresh blueberries. Who knows.

    The most unusual soda flavor I’ve tried was Cel-Ray soda, a celery flavored soda. The taste was accurate …. unfortunately.

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