Pretzel Pete’s Sour Cream and Habanero Pretzel Nuggets

Here’s a tasty snack from a gourmet pretzel company, Pretzel Pete’s. A good pretzel is tasty with pretty much anything- mustard, cheese sauce, a nice beer. A domestic disturbance. Indecent exposure. Orgies. Funerals. Regardless of what you’re serving if up with, pretzels are delicious.

This particular flavor is sour cream and habanero. I was excited to try this variety because habaneros are especially spicy, and with the bread of the pretzel and sour cream cooling mechanism, I wanted to see if old Pete himself could make a pretzel whose heat stood up to my taste buds, which, as you know, are rather wimpy.Damn, was it nice! The nuggets are crisp and poppable and at first, the heat sneaks up on you. You’re hit with the sour cream first, not after, as I’d expected, and then, with the peppers. It’s less of a peppery flavor than a “hot” taste, like you decided to eat a little mace with your snack, but it’s tasty nonetheless. I got a strong taste of cayenne pepper, too. As far as texture goes, it’s all right. Personally, I’m a fan of the more broken pieces, like Snyder’s Pieces, because they’re crushed and then get more flavor on them. The nuggets have the egg wash brushed on them and tend to get less powder on, but these weren’t bland by any means and made my nose run. I did frequent the broken pieces, though, with more dust on them.

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